Mum’s affordable cinema hack keeps kids entertained during lockdown 2

We're missing days out more than ever as the start of another lockdown leaves families searching for ideas to entertain their little ones.

From baking banana bread to garden treasure hunts, there was no stone left unturned to stop boredom from setting in.

Just about every idea exhausted during the first lockdown? Then fear not!

We don't know exactly when restrictions are going to be lifted – or when life will get back to normal.

But one mum has come to the rescue again.

Popular blogger Rhi, known as @mummyoffour on Instagram, has some great parenting tips to put your way.

"Being a Mum is the hardest job in the world, so anything at all that can make your life easier really helps!" she says.

She's not wrong – and one great idea she has come up with is a home cinema experience.

Back in June, Rhi revealed setting up your own movie theatre is cheap, easy and serious fun.

She put together a poster with timings and details, made pretend tickets and even created a kiosk – but she didn't say if she was planning on charging the children £6.50 for a box of popcorn!

She posted the cute idea online and her followers loved it.

The mum wrote: "I created a movie poster to announce the screening, made tickets and set up a kiosk.

"The children were over the moon!

"So if you are looking for something to do with your kids while you are stuck in the house, why not set up your own cinema for your family?"

It certainly went down well.

Her followers loved the photos and one wrote: "Fab idea love this!"

Another said: "Looks phenomenal Rhi, looks like they enjoyed it hope you did too!"

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