Mums horror as theme park staff confront her for wearing inappropriate shorts

A woman claims she has been banned from entering a theme park for five years after she was allegedly told her hot pants were "too short" by staff.

Bailey Breedlove shared her ordeal on TikTok and claimed she was "threatened with criminal trespassing" when she tried to walk away from the situation.

She and her family spent a day out at Frontier City, an amusement park in Oklahoma City, US, on April 30.

In a clip seen 1.7 million times on her account @baileybreedlove970, she is surrounded by a staff member and a woman dressed in a "Police" polo shirt.

The man on the left says to her: "I'm going to escort you. I'm asking for your information, otherwise I will issue a criminal trespassing."

The woman on the right tells her that she can leave once she shows her identification to them.

A man who is filming the incident claims that Bailey was stopped because "her shorts are too small".

Bailey refuses to hand over her ID card and says the situation has left her daughter distressed.

She says: "Look at what you are doing to my daughter, you guys."

Her video has amassed more than 12,000 comments since it was posted to TikTok.

In one of her latest videos, the mum claimed they spent nearly three hours in the park before a "cop" came yelling at her daughter for her footwear.

Bailey claimed: "She [the officer] then started yelling at me about my shorts, at which point I tried to walk away because it sounded ridiculous and she was on a power trip.

"And that's how I got into trouble. Apparently you can't walk away and you can't argue when they are body-shaming you.

"So while being escorted out after I refused to purchase shorts in their park, I was then blocked and asked to sit down and give my ID.

"That was the video, I didn't get a ticket but I am banned for five years."

But, after contacting the Oklahoma Police Department, Bailey was told the woman in police uniform was not one of their officers.

In an updated Facebook post, she wrote: “We have spoken with the Oklahoma police department captain and he assured us this was not an Oklahoma city police officer.

“He sends his apologies and is going to look into the situation.”

After the video went viral, thousands of viewers flooded the comments section to share their thoughts.

"She was let into that park dressed like that," one said. "That poor daughter crying, I would be so furious."

A second commented: "I just looked up their dress code and nothing says anything about shorts, it's only offensive clothing not allowed."

A third suggested: "So who wants to go on a trip, and everyone show up in shorts?"

Six Flags, who operates the Frontier City park, has a dress code policy on their website which states: "We do not allow clothing generally considered offensive.

"Profanity, obscene gestures, obscene statements, pictures of illegal substances, all gang related items or clothing, costumes or disguises that conceal identity and adult full-face makeup are prohibited.

"Frontier City reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone who refuses to comply with the dress code."

Daily Star has contacted Six Flags for comment.

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