My paranoid wife has accused me of sleeping with prostitutes

DEAR DEIDRE: MY once-happy marriage has been destroyed after ten years by my wife’s paranoia.

Out of the blue she began accusing me of cheating on her with prostitutes. I’ve never looked at another woman, let alone a sex worker.

She’s also very rude and aggressive. She even claims she followed me to some unnamed woman’s house on a day that I never left home.

I’m 67, she’s 63 and this is the second marriage for both of us.

Her behaviour has become so unpleasant that I’ve been forced to move out. I’m devastated and confused.

I have never shown her anything but love. We always had a good relationship, enjoying regular sex, interesting conversation and lovely holidays.

I can’t stop crying now. Why has she turned on me in this way?

DEIDRE SAYS:    Not only is this very distressing for you but her sudden change in personality is also concerning.

I wonder if there is a medical reason for it.

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