NASA and European Partners to Launch Sea Level-Tracking Satellites Through SpaceX

NASA and its European partners have just launched a new satellite to track rising sea levels with the help of SpaceX and its Falcon 9 rocket.

Named after the late former director of NASA’s Earth Science Division Michael Freilich, who died in August this year, the spacecraft will put into orbit a new satellite that can both enhance weather forecasts as well as track the movement in our oceans and the rising sea levels. The data collected will continue expanding the current 30-year dataset collected as a result of an ongoing collaboration between the U.S. and its European partners, and will play a key role in tracking climate change.

“The Earth is changing, and this satellite will help deepen our understanding of how,” says Karen St. Germain, director of NASA’s Earth Science Division. “The changing Earth processes are affecting sea level globally, but the impact on local communities varies widely. International collaboration is critical to both understanding these changes and informing coastal communities around the world.”

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