Nearly 57,000 Amazon Shoppers Agree That These Are the Best Waste Bags for Dogs

Being a responsible dog owner means picking up after your pup when they relieve themselves. Depending on your dog’s breed, size, and eating schedule, you may use dozens of waste bags throughout the week, and their cost adds up. Thankfully, you can subscribe to receive Amazon Basics Unscented Poop Bags at your convenience —and save some cash in the process. 

You can get up to 900 poop bags (15 bags per roll, 60 rolls total) in a single order, which should last you a few months; 300-bag and 600-bag options are also available. They all come with a bag dispenser with a leash clip, so they’re easy to dispense on the go. The bags themselves measure 9 by 13 inches, sizable enough to contain any waste. They’re made of durable unscented polyethylene, which protects your hands from coming into contact with your dog’s waste and helps to minimize odors. They’re also black and opaque, so nobody has to see what’s inside. 

Buy It! Amazon Basics Unscented Poop Bags, from $9.99;

You can subscribe to receive a new round of bags every two to seven weeks or every one to six months. Based on customer needs, Amazon recommends getting 600 or 900 bags every six months or 300 bags every four months. You’ll save 5 percent by signing up for a subscription, and you’ll unlock a 10 percent discount for the 900-bag option (or 15 percent off for 300 or 600 bags) when you receive five or more products in one auto-delivery to one address. 

The Amazon Basics dog poop bags are the second best-seller in Amazon’s Dog Waste Bags category as of this writing and a top seller in Pet Supplies as well. Which comes as no surprise, since the 900-count bags have nearly 57,000 five-star ratings. “These bags are amazing. Super easy to tear off, durable and easy to refill. I really like the added white line so I know just where to tear,” one shopper wrote. 

“Best poop bags ever! This is my second order of these to accommodate two dogs who get two walks per day. So glad they are unscented—strong enough that they do not need a cover-up scent,” another shared. 

You can subscribe and save by shopping these top-rated dog waste bags on Amazon today.

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