Odell Beckham claps back at Myles Garrett for cop-spanking joke

Myles Garrett might want to think twice before making assault jokes at Odell Beckham Jr.’s expense.

The Browns defensive end tweeted a six-second video clip showing Dennis Rodman spanking Karl Malone during the 1998 NBA Finals with the text, “How @obj thought spanking the cop was gonna go.”

The replay was featured during the finale of ESPN’s Michael Jordan docuseries, “The Last Dance,” which concluded Sunday night.

Garrett is referring to an incident shortly after LSU’s National Championship win over Clemson back in January during which Beckham hit a security guard’s backside while celebrating in his alma mater’s locker room.

“Wait a min!!!! That wasn’t even the worst part,” the former Giants wide receiver fired back in a quote-tweet. “The worst part was I got charged wit assault….. and u somehow didn’t !!! only in America”

An arrest warrant was later issued for Beckham on simple battery chargers. They were quickly dropped, though.

Garrett was indefinitely suspended last season after he clocked Steelers backup quarterback Mason Rudolph in the head with his helmet, which incited a melee and resulted in 35 fines. Beckham initially came to his teammate’s defense and empathized with the fellow hothead following the incident.

“It’s an emotional game, and I understand all that. I understand the rivalry and emotions run high and all that,” Beckham said. “Things do happen. Bad things happen in this world.”

Rudolph did not pursue assault charges against Garrett, whose suspension was lifted this offseason.

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