OnlyFans throuple who all sleep in the same bed want to raise kids as a trio

A throuple who make a fortune posting sexy content on OnlyFans, has revealed a sneak peak of their lives as a romantic threesome.

Jess and Stephen DeMarco, from Tampa, Florida, both in their thirties, have been virtually dating Mary Neghedi, 20, for three months but in January 2022, they were finally able to meet their girlfriend in person.

And, now they reportedly all share the same bed – and hope to have children as a triad.

Jess and Stephen claim they’ve been on dates with over 100 women together in the last 10 years as they searched for the perfect woman to join their relationship.

They first opened up their relationship in 2012 because Jess, who is bisexual, missed having sex with women – and Stephen was happy to let things play out.

The couple now they hope Mary will be the person they settle down with permanently.

“Stephen and I are primary partners that have been together for 13 years and we date women together, looking for a female partner so I can be fulfilled, and he just lucked out on a lottery of a lifetime,” explained Jess. “I enjoy seeing my partners with each other and seeing them make each other happy sexually and in normal day-to-day tasks or adventures.

"Love is multiplied in a poly relationship.

“When I met Stephen, he knew I was bisexual and was mostly dating women at the time. However, it was just perfect with him.”

She continued: “About two years in, I was missing women sexually in my life so much it felt like I was making a decision to cut a big part of myself out of my future because I chose a man, though had I chosen a woman it would have been the same feeling, just reversed.

"I brought up missing women and needing to fill that void to Stephen about two years into our relationship, after seeing non-monogamous lifestyles on TV shows.

"We had a conversation about it, made our own rules and then went from there."

While not legally married, Jess and Stephen had a commitment ceremony in 2019 and now share a surname.

And, after a decade of dating they met Mary through mutual friends and spent time getting to know her online before meeting up for the first time last month.

The threesome are now in a “closed relationship” and don’t sleep with anyone outside of their triad.

Jess said: "We don’t just ‘hook up’ with women without the intent to continue growing with them.

“The dynamic of our throuple actually has four relationships in one.

"Mine and Stephen's relationship, Mary's and my relationship and his and her relationship – then the relationship we have as a whole.

"We are dating but that means something so different then back 13 years ago when Stephen and I met."

Mary, who has been in a polyamorous relationship before, said: “I have always wanted something poly and to find two people who understand where I'm coming from – it feels so good to have that comfort.

"Their personalities are also the same as mine."

And, giving an insight into their relationship the trio explained that they do everything together from soaking in the hot tub to sleeping in the same bed and enjoying Netflix nights.

Jess said: "Yes, we can go out on separate dates but we don't want to leave anyone at home, so typically we will choose to out all three together.

"But of course if two wanted to go off while one chose not to, that's cool too.

"We do all sleep in the same bed, we 'Netflix and chill', have nights in the hot tub or sunsets at the beach.

"We love doing everything a normal couple does and experiences, just as a trio."

And, they hope to bring new life into the family in the near future.

Jess said: "We'll be trying to get pregnant soon and the end goal is always to live together as a whole, as one big family.

"I want kids, if Mary wants kids all of us would be under one roof."

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Stephen’s family supports the throuple while Jess doesn’t speak to her birth family and Mary’s family don’t yet know about her non-traditional romance, but they’ve said that they don’t care about other people’s opinions.

Jess commented: “Friends and younger family understand a little better and are definitely the more accepting ones, but if family didn’t accept us for who we are, we cut people out of our lives, no matter who they are and our previous status of relationships.

"It hurts when family thinks it’s 'just a phase' or something they didn’t need to know because it’s a 'bedroom thing'.

"But we want Mary to raise our children so that statement is just sad."

Jess and Stephen also discuss and share their relationship on their OnlyFans page CliqueBaitTV and on social media (@cliquebaittvdenver and @cliquebaittvplayhouse), where they have over 600,000 followers.

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