'Orange Is The New Black Star' Uzo Aduba Makes The Most Delicious-Looking Lunch Salads

She’s not just an Emmy-winning actress, activist, and star of the new FX on Hulu series Mrs. America; Uzo Aduba has also pretty much mastered her daily routine during quarantine. Being an actress comes with a crazy schedule, but Uzo still makes time for self-care. In fact, she emphasizes being super-intentional with everything she does throughout the day, which she says helps put her mind at ease and keeps her creative juices flowing.

As she explains to Women’s Health in her “Morning, Noon, & Night” video, her routine includes lots of family time and, um, some major dog-loving vibes. While Uzo doesn’t consider herself a morning person, she gets up around 7:40 everyday so that she can walk her doggo around the city streets and get some fresh air.

After meeting with her team via phone calls and video chat all morning, she likes to take a midday break and cook herself a delicious lunch. And even though I don’t want to spoil everything, I will say she defknows how to make a nutritious, colorful-looking salad.

At the end of the day, Uzo loves to unwind by curling up with a fuzzy blanket and a good book. (FYI, her current read situation is My Sister, The Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite.) Uzo says that reading before bed helps her sleep better and, sometimes, she’ll even fall asleep while she’s still holding the book in her hands.

But hey, what am I doing telling you everything about her routine? Go press play and watch Uzo give you all the inspo you need to stay mentally healthy during quarantine.

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