Parents of Kids with Disabilities Praise Adaptive Halloween Costumes

For many parents, buying a Halloween costume for their kids is as easy as running to the store or clicking a button online.

But for the parents of children with disabilities, the challenge of finding something their trick-or-treater will be comfortable in can be difficult.

“He’s like a typical kid. He wants to wear what his friends are wearing, what’s popular, what he sees on TV,” mom Karen Prewitt tells PEOPLE (The TV Show!) in Thursday’s episode of her son Caleb, who has Down syndrome. “[But] sometimes those really aren’t good options for us because of either sensory issues or buttons and zipping.”

Enter adaptive Halloween costumes, which are on sale at places like Target, and are a real lifesaver for parents like Prewitt and Mindy Scheier, whose 15-year-old son Oliver has a rare form of muscular dystrophy.

“When it even came to Oliver being dressed up, I had to be very mindful of what costumes he could actually wear so that I knew he could walk safely with his braces, that he would be able to go to the bathroom on his own, in terms of getting in and out of the costume,” says Scheier, the CEO and founder of Runway of Dreams, an organization working to make adaptive clothing more mainstream. “These are things that typical parents don’t necessarily have to think about.”

“Everybody deserves to participate in Halloween,” she adds.

Watch the video above for more on adaptive Halloween costumes.

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