Paul Rudd FaceTimes With His ‘Cousin Mandy’ In Hilarious ‘SNL’ Sketch — Watch

Paul Rudd’s ‘cousin Mandy’ couldn’t help but throw her famous family member some shade on this super awkward video chat!

Paul Rudd, 51, is all of us on an awkward family call! “Hey, I’m just going to FaceTime with my cousin real quick! I haven’t seen her since we were kids, and she’s just checking in with the family and making sure we’re all okay,” Paul began the SNL sketch, seemingly talking off-camera to his wife Julie Yaeger. “Paul? Little Pauly?…Pretty Mandy!” his ‘cousin,’ perfectly played by Heidi Gardner, said as she popped up. It turns out the family members haven’t seen each other in a while as “Mandy” oddly asked if Paul still colored and went swimming. “Do you have Coronavirus? You seem different, you’ve changed Little Pauly — you’ve changed!” she went on.

“I haven’t seen you since I was seven…I’m grown. I’ve got a wife, I’ve got a demanding job,” Paul retorted, as his hilarious cousin noted that she “heard” the film industry was currently shut down. “I saw the movie Wonder Woman did with all the other celebrities where they sang all the, ‘Imagine, all the people…’ So, you weren’t famous enough to be in it?” she then asked, referencing Gal Gadot‘s viral star-studded music video. Talk about shade! “Hey, speaking of movies, weren’t you nominated for a Golden Globe award?” Mandy also said, as Paul was looking like he was ready to end the family catch-up. “Pretty soon, Ramy Youssef…is going to be the new Ant-Man,” Mandy couldn’t help but say, referencing the actor who Paul lost to at the Globes in January.

A visibly antsy Paul couldn’t help but clap back at that backhanded comment! “How about you? You win any awards recently?” Paul questioned. “Last night! I got Tic-Tac-Toe…I played down at the bar…no one got Corona at Dizzy’s, plus I wore my gloves,” Mandy hilariously added, showing off her fingerless set. “Hey, you remember when we kissed?” she then quipped, taking the conversation to another level of awkward! “I don’t think you’re supposed to be going to bars…I think I’m going to jump off for a second — freezing up, hold on,” Paul quickly responded before hanging up.

Saturday Night Live has been teasing the episode on social media all weekend! “TONIGHT‼️” the official account tweeted with a home emoji, attaching a photo of the beloved cast on Zoom with the hashtag “#SNLAtHome.” Pete Davidson also popped up for a “message” before the episode aired! “My camera fell!” he began the short video laughing. “Hey guys, I just wanted to make sure to let you know…that doesn’t sound right. There’s a new SNL tonight at 11:30. Tune In! I’ve been trying to do this video for 20 minutes,” he joked.

Cecily Strong and Bowen Yang also caught up over FaceTime prior to the episode! “Cec, how are you! I miss you!” Bowen exclaimed as the pair bantered about the fact they weren’t featured in the April 11 episode. “I feel like everybody is like, ‘where were you on the last show?’…some of us, just weren’t like — ready,” she said. “Some of us just weren’t ready for prime time!” Bowen joked back, asking what his co-star wrote. “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!” he offered, as Cecily went into a hilarious 15 minute long singing video. “It looks like maybe you started to curl your hair…” Bowen noted, as Cecily admitted she had started to do her hair but began drinking wine.

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