People reveal how they made the most of VERY bad situations

Making the best of what you’ve got! Hilarious snaps capture people who won’t let anything dampen their plans – from a man lighting up a cigarette with an iron to using a COW as a projector screen

  • People from all over the world have been making the most out of bad situations 
  • A group of people used a cow as a wall to watch their movie with a projector 
  • Man who couldn’t get into restaurant to eat with pals sat next to window outside  

Sometimes in life, things just don’t go your way – but these optimistic people decided to make the most of it anyway. 

From Africa to North America, the people in these amusing snaps, collated in an online gallery by Bored Panda, took what was a very bad situation and turned it around.

In one snap, a group of men who wanted to watch a movie but didn’t have a wall decided to get creative and use a cow as the backdrop for their projector. 

Elsewhere, another man whose town had flooded saw it as the perfect opportunity to take his inflatable paddle boat for a ride. 

These pictures show people who decided to make the most of a very bad situation. Pictured: A man, from an unknown location, using an iron to light his cigarette after his lighter gave up 

In the UK, one man took advantage of the vacant bike that was being transported on the back of a camper van

Don’t try this at home! Instead of panicking, this man, from an unknown location, decided to take a selfie with the four snakes which had ambushed him 

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A man, from an unknown location, who couldn’t get into the restaurant to eat with his friends decided to pull up a chair next to the bay window so he could still be close to them 

In the US, a man saw his town was flooded, so decided to take his inflatable boat out for a spin

A group of men, from an unknown location, who wanted to watch a movie used a white cow as a backdrop for their projector instead of a wall 

This family, from an unknown location, tried to remain positive and even took a picture in front of a house going up in flames. It was unclear whether the house was theirs 

In a rather bizarre picture, a young man wearing a tuxedo, from an unknown location, decided to pose with a Singer sewing machine in front of a crashed van

A man, from an unknown location, whose pool party was disturbed by a raccoon decided to befriend the animal and cuddle with it 

When she found out she was the only person in the theatre, this woman, from the US, decided to stock up on the popcorn 

Busy traffic was not enough to stop these two men who wanted to watch their TV

A man made the most of travelling with his armchair by using it as a seat on the tram

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