Please Explain podcast: Three months on has Melissa Caddick pulled off a great escape?

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In mid-November last year, amid a major investigation by corporate watchdog ASIC, unregistered financial adviser Melissa Caddick vanished and has not been seen or heard from since.

In her wake she left investors, many of them family and friends, allegedly defrauded of as much as $40 million. It is believed Caddick acted alone.

Last week associates of Caddick revealed she had gone on a shedding spree, destroying hundreds of documents around the time investigations began, while this week in court it was revealed she had less than $6000 in her bank accounts and the living expenses of her son and husband, as well as the fee for her lawyer, who is also her brother, had been cut off.

Among the items repossessed as part of the investigation were designer clothing and handbags, jewellery and her husband’s $300,000 Audi.

Caddick is now the subject of a missing persons investigation alongside the fraud investigation being conducted by ASIC.

Today on Please Explain, Nathanael Cooper is joined by investigative journalist Kate McClymont to bring us up to date with the latest in the investigation.

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