Princess Anne can ‘appear intimidating’: Proves ‘age is just a number’ in Instagram video

Princess Anne took part in a video that saw members of the Royal Family talk to veterans for VE Day. The video was posted to the Royal Family Instagram account.


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The video was posted with a caption: “As part of last week’s VE Day commemorations, members of the Royal Family spoke to veterans who served in the Second World War about their recollections of that remarkable day.”

During the video, Princess Anne spoke with a lady named Dorothy, a Wren during the Second World War.

Fans gushed about the meeting. One wrote: “Dorothy welcoming the Princess Royal into her Home was the most Precious thing I’ve seen ALL DAY!!!! <3”

Another said: “Princess Royal, how great she’s!!!”

Body language expert Judi James analysed Anne’s touching appearance in the video.

She said: “Chatting to veterans, we can see Anne sitting chin-up, looking down at her screen and wearing a smart business shirt and jacket and her hair pinned into a bun.

“The crinkling of her eyes suggests a sense of humour but with her clipped, no-nonsense voice, her virtual visit is a little like two retired military women comparing notes.”

While the Princess Royal is known for her curt style, she lit up for her chat with Dorothy.

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“Anne clearly seems to get that age is just a number and approaches her chats with no trace of the kind of ooh and coos you can often get from someone speaking to an older person,” Judi said.

“Her approach can appear intimidating and she’s probably not the easy choice of royal to pop in for a cup of virtual tea but it’s refreshing and great to watch her in action.”

Speaking of both Sophie and Princess Anne in the video, Judi said: “Their complete lack of soap opera drama and the way they tend to just get on with the job of being royal without too much fuss and front page headlines might have made these two women the unsung heroes of ‘The Firm’.

“Following some drastic re-shuffling of the top shelf over the last year though, and with the Queen’s confinement during the pandemic, both Anne and Sophie seem to have taken more prominent positions recently though and these clips do appear to illustrate their very different but equally powerful appeal.”


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The Princess Royal appeared in another video call in the past few weeks.

In it, Princess Anne wore a rare brooch, rarely seen before.

The piece was a pretty gold wreath. The gold was carved into an ornate three flower, three leaf pattern.

It is not the typical diamond or sapphire piece the Queen might wear.

In fact, the piece does not seem to have been worn by any other royal, making it likely this is a piece Anne brought for herself.

Princess Anne’s daughter Zara Tindall celebrated her birthday this week.

In traditional style, she has a stunning engagement ring. 

Zara revealed how Mike listened to her when she hinted about what she might like.

She Town and Country Magazine in 2017: “I didn’t appreciate jewellery until I got a bit older and started going to events.

“I never wore rings. My engagement ring was my first.

“Mike found it – I hinted what I liked, but he did it all himself.”

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