Princess Charlottes three uncanny similarities to Kate

Princess Charlotte’s similarities to Kate have been listed by a royal expert who described her as a “Kate mini-me”.

Royal style expert Miranda Holder examined three uncanny similarities between Kate Middleton and her daughter Princess Charlotte.

They include a love of children, the stylist explained in her viral video.

Miranda said: “She may have looked like a mini-me at the Coronation, but did you know just how similar to her mum Princess Charlotte is?”

She went on: “Both of them are super sporty.

“We know that Charlotte loves nothing better than throwing her workout gear on and getting on with it, whether it’s sailing, abseiling, rugby, or archery.

“But someone is hot on her heels. Little Charlotte is not messing about here.”

A love of sports is the first thing the pair have in common, so what else to the mother-daughter duo share?

Miranda said: “We also know that Kate loves babies and children, and she puts so much effort into her work to support young people.

“Well, it just so happens that Charlotte is rather fond of little people too, take a look at her with little Louis.”

Lastly, Miranda said: “They are also both fashion icons, in their own right, and love to coordinate outfits.”

Referencing a Christmas look from the pair, the style expert said: “I’m loving the bottle green here, which looks beautiful with Catherine’s grey coat.

“And of course at the Coronation, Charlotte was the perfect little mini-me wearing a matching Alexander McQueen caped gown and a silver headband.”

But, the same stylist went so far as to claim that Kate Middleton’s Coronation look “didn’t do her any favours”.

While fashion expert Miranda Holder has said that Kate looked “absolutely beautiful”, she was “a little bit underwhelmed” and “particularly devastated” by the final result.

She explained Kate’s dress was familiar to the black Alexander McQueen dress the Princess wore in 2019 to Queen Elizabeth’s Diplomatic Reception, where the late monarch welcomed diplomats to Buckingham Palace.

The expert said: “It’s actually exactly the same silhouette…which I also think is a little bit severe for Kate. It’s very classic and very beautiful, but I don’t think it does her any favours.”

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