Rich cat of Insta poses with model owner – and eats £4.5k worth of food a year

Leah is unlike the other cats you scroll past on Instagram.

The rich cat of Insta is an exotic savannah breed with unusual spotted markings.

She is genetically 75% serval – meaning she’s part fearsome African predator mixed with 25% regular domestic puss.

The moggy belongs to Veronica Perasso, who often poses beside it for social media snaps.

As well as running her cat’s Instagram page @leahthesavannah, the Venezuelan model spends a fortune on pet food.

She forks out more than $500 a month (around £380) on meals for the part-wild feline.

Veronica revealed: “It’s literally nothing like looking after a normal cat – she’s far more wild than domestic.

“I’m spending over $500 (£380) a month just on food right now. Some months more. Leah is like her mum. She loves sushi.”

When she’s not spending a fortune on food, the Miami-based model has vets bills to pay off.

She added: “Put it this way, I spend a LOT of money on my cat.

“Her vet bills alone have cost me over $6,000 (£4,500) after she broke her leg after she jumped out of a window several floors up and needed surgery.”

Veronica is also in the process of remodelling her home so it’s suitable for her big cat – and renovations could cost £37,000 in total.

Her plans include a giant play area that will keep the excitable moggy occupied during the day.

The model said: “I’m buying a house and building a whole screened-in outdoor playground for her that will likely cost me $40,000-$50,000.”

This activity area will be necessary for getting out Leah’s energy, which is in abundance.

Veronica added: “She loves playing soccer with ice cubes – it’s actually amazing.

“And she can almost jump to the ceiling – like, if I had to guess, she could leap 10 feet high in the air.”

As well as getting pricey food, furnishings and top healthcare Veronica spoils Leah in other ways too.

The savannah cat is pushed around in a pram.

She’s enjoyed trips to the beach in recent months, as well as evenings spent watching the sunset.

Veronica revealed: “I walk her on a leash or push her in a baby stroller. She is getting too big for me to hold.

“We get stopped wherever we go, people love her.

“She gets more pictures taken of her than I do! The bigger she gets, the more attention she gets.”

Veronica hopes to harness the attention that Leah gets from strangers.

She set up the cat’s Instagram page back in February and already has 6,700 followers on the account.

The model added: “I fully plan on blowing her up on social media – she is too beautiful not to share with the world!

“She is independent, fun, and beautiful.

‘She is the cat version of me I guess. Rare, wild, loving – but lethal if you f*** with her!”

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