Salma Hayek loves watching TV with her beloved pet owl perched on her head

Salma Hayek has revealed she and her owl like to enjoy watching TV together.

Hayek, who was last month unveiled as a start of new Marvel movie ‘The Eternals', gave Kering to her husband François-Henri Pinault as a Valentine's Day gift two years ago after she was rescued.

Indicating she has a strong bond with her pet, Salma, who plays group’s spiritual leader Ayak in the movie, said: “I have a lot of fun watching TV with Kering. He flies around the room and sometimes he lands on my head or he lands on the TV.

"He doesn’t really care what we watch, but this has gone on for a couple of years now. We’ll watch anything together.”

Salma also told how she felt proud as a Mexican woman at the age of 54, to be cast as a Marvel superhero.

The actress also recently revealed she finds her inner peace by meditating with her beloved Southern white-faced owl.

As she discussed her self-care rituals and how to combat stress, she explained she meditates with her "owl very, very often".

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She told People: "'The minute I go deep into meditation, she stays super still."

Salma regularly shares updates of her life with Kering on Instagram, including many sweet pics of the animal sitting on her head or shoulders.

The pair are also often seen sharing meals, and watching television on her iPad.

The actress has also told how she sleeps in her room when her "husband is not in town".

In a interview earlier this year Hayek explained she named the owl after her husband's company because "their symbol" is "of the owl".

He said he told her: "Thank you, but I know this is your own present for yourself."

"Just being in the same room [with her], there's an energy to it, and it is mesmerizing."

She added: "'Sometimes, when she is really close to me, I can feel her rubbing against me, which is really nice. And I feel so blessed."

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