Sarah Stiles Releases Uplifting Debut Album ‘You Can Ukulele With Me’: ‘It Feels Really Wonderful’

There ain’t nothing a little ukulele can’t fix! Tony nominated actress Sarah Stiles released her debut EP that’s both uplifting & fun during these trying times.

You might recognize Sarah Stiles from Avenue Q or, most recently Tootsie on Broadway. Or even from Get Shorty on Epix or Billions! Now, the multi-hyphenate has added recording artist to her resume, as well as ukulele player, with the release of her debut EP You Can Ukulele With Me. Shockingly recorded before the quarantine, the album fits perfectly into today’s soundtrack for much-needed uplifting and joyful noise.

“It’s a happy and joyful album. It’s a quirky and funny album. I wanted to record music that I love singing and that felt good coming out of my mouth, and that I’d want to listen to,” Sarah explained in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife. In collaboration with with songwriter Holly Gewandter, Sarah recorded the 5-track EP in the weeks before entering lockdown.

“It feels like a bazillion years ago!” she laughed. “When we recorded it, it meant something different. I guess the songs didn’t really have a lot of meaning to me, but now working on it during lockdown, it’s been such a positive and joyful thing to focus on during this time, which has been really challenging in a lot of ways.”

The album, which includes a song titled “Dumb People,” takes on Sarah’s incredible humor, which she also brings to every role she plays. “I love being silly. I love making people laugh,” the Tootsie star said. Other songs on the EP, like “Waiting For The Light,” Sarah called simply “serendipitous.” “It’s all very fitting right now,” she added.

When it comes to her other projects, the actress was working on the Kevin James’ new Netflix comedy series The Crew right before quarantine. The show will follow Kevin James as the chief of a NASCAR crew. “It’s all about our group and the driver and the people that work on the cars. It’s just a wonderful cast and really fun. We just clicked from day one, the chemistry was so great with everybody,” Sarah said. The cast also includes Broadway alum Jillian Mueller, Gary Anthony Williams, Freddie Stroma and Dan Adhoot.

Be sure to stream Sarah’s new album You Can Ukulele With Me now! 

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