SEGA's 60th-Anniversary "GO SEGA" Album Features 108 Nostalgic Tracks

SEGA is releasing one new catalog of nostalgia in the form of a 60th anniversary “GO SEGA” album. This album release sees 108 tracks from SEGA’s games, all in chronological order.

Spread over four CDs, the tracks include classics OST titles from games like Young Power, Puyo Puyo, Super Monkey Ball, OutRun, Space Harrier, Virtua Fighter, DARTSLIVE, and of course, Sonic the Hedgehog.

The album also comes with useful information like lyrics (if applicable), composer, and even some commentary by the legendary Yosuke Okunari. Priced at ¥6,460 JPY (approximately $60 USD), head over to SEGA’s 60th-anniversary page for the full tracks lasting and info.

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