Simple exercise you can do ONCE a week 'helps you live longer' | The Sun

If you want to live a long life, get exercising.

But not any old jog in the park will cut it.

According to new research, lifting weights or do press-ups once a week is the most effective way older people can make sure they live longer.

Taking up strength training in old age provides health benefits above and beyond simply doing cardiovascular exercise such as walking or swimming, a study found.

Older adults who combined weekly weightlifting with aerobic exercise were about 47 per cent less likely to die over a ten-year period than those who did no exercise.

Sticking to aerobic exercise alone cut the risk of death by up to 34 per cent, while focusing solely on strength training reduced deaths by 22 per cent.

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The study, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, said that lifting weights helped preserve muscle mass which reduces the risk of age-related illnesses and frailty.

Older adults may also get social and cognitive benefits from regularly going to the gym.

Experts stressed that people did not need to pick up heavy weights, and could get similar benefits from other types of muscle strengthening exercise such as pilates or push-ups.

The benefits of weightlifting were greater in women, who tend to have less muscle mass than men.

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Researchers looked at 100,000 adults in the US, who had an average age of 71.

They were followed for a decade, with researchers monitoring deaths from all causes including heart disease.

And if you need any inspiration, just check out these incredible grandmas who can lift more than most 20-somethings.

Previous research has found that eating plenty of fibre can also help slow down the aging process.

Fibre suppresses hunger and we just learned eating less fights aging. It will also help you look better at the beach.

Furthermore, fibre reliably lowers cholesterol levels and it is involved in several other anti-aging mechanisms as well.

You might not be too excited about chowing down tons of carrots but there are also fibre supplements.

These are pretty convenient and have shown health benefits in clinical trials.  

Sitting in a sauna on occasion is also thought to have benefits which could help slow down the clock.

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Studies have found that people using the sauna have lower risks of cardiovascular diseases and longer lifespans.

The only downside is if you’re a man who wants kids in the near future – high heat lowers sperm quality. 

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