Sleeping on back is common position which causes scary nightmares, says experts

Sleep is a very important thing.

On average, adults must get at least 7 hours of shut eye for them to have fully rested.

As getting a good snooze is crucial, having a scary dream isn't the ideal way to start the day.

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Not everyone has a nightmare, it's usually brought on by stress, certain medication or even a spooky film before bed.

But there are many reasons why someone might have a scary dream – and it could do with your sleep position.

Although scientists can't pinpoint the exact cause of a bad nightmare, there are several factors.

Nightmares, specifically, are a topic that perplexes scientists, as they can not only be very confusing, but quite distressful.

As far as experts know, it's impossible to completely eliminate nightmares.

However there are several ways to treat bad dreams, according to researchers at Harvard University.

The researchers said: "First, the cause of the stress, if there is one, must be determined.

"If one is identified, effective ways to manage it should be found."

"For medication-induced nightmares, dosages might need to be altered or different drugs administered," they continued.

Some studies found that people who have nightmares might be able to alleviate their discomfort by changing their sleep positions.

Specifically, associate professor at Hong Kong Yan University Calvin Kai-Ching Yu, PhD, said sleeping on the back might cause them.

The professor also said they'll find it harder to remember their dreams.

Yu added: "Different sleep positions may create pressure on different parts of the body and body feelings may be the sources of dream elements."

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It's advised that you sleep in the position that is most comfortable to you as you don't want to disrupt the quality of your snoozing.

However, one study led by Dr. Mehmet Yucel Agargun at the YuZunCu Yil University, found that people who sleep on their right side have dreams of safety and relief.

Meanwhile, sleeping on your left side may be connected to intense emotions and insecurity.

And if you're a stomach sleeper, you may notice you have more erotic-type dreams.


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