SoleSavy Launches COLLECT for Sneaker Shopping and Showcasing

Growing its community offering for sneakerheads, SoleSavy has built COLLECT for not only buying and selling footwear without middleman fees but also showcasing your favorite pairs. Taking the form of an online marketplace in a mobile app, COLLECT is emphasizing the social element of the secondary sneaker market.

Designed with sneaker enthusiasts in mind, the COLLECT app removes the middleman fees for buyers. There’s also greater protection for both sides of each transaction, as COLLECT’s interface requires both buyers and sellers to create profiles. Utilizing its identity verification process, all users on COLLECT must legitimize their profiles with a government-issued form of identification and a quick selfie. The new marketplace also includes policies and technology that prevents mass reselling to address common problems that sneaker collectors face.

For those who simply enjoy browsing through their favorite sneakers, COLLECT also offers a place for flexing sneaker collections and creating lists to track highly coveted pairs. Similar to how hunting for sneakers in real life is often built on personal connections and human interactions, the social aspect of COLLECT returns an element of fun to the sneaker game. Whether users want to build connections or a following on their app for social reasons, or for shopping reasons, COLLECT offers a unique space to meet stylish and like-minded individuals.

While COLLECT is currently in a beta stage and limited to SoleSavy members right now, the company is working to factor in real-time feedback from members as the app develops. To learn more about COLLECT by SoleSavy and to sign up to join its community and marketplace, head to the brand’s website.
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