Something Navy Blogger Arielle Charnas Expecting Baby Six Months After Revealing Ectopic Pregnancy

Arielle Charnas' rainbow baby is on the way.

The Something Navy blogger confirmed Tuesday on Instagram that she is expecting her third child with husband Brandon Charnas, six months after she revealed she had suffered an ectopic pregnancy.

"And then there were three," Arielle captioned a silhouette shot showing off her baby bump. The mom-to-be also added on the hashtag #rainbowbaby.

Arielle, 33, and Brandon are already parents to daughters Esme Rae, 2, and Ruby Lou, 4½.

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"Our Miracle": Celebrities Who Welcomed Babies After Experiencing a Miscarriage

Arielle first shared the sad news of her ectopic pregnancy on her Instagram Story in June, revealing that she suffered a miscarriage that landed her in the hospital.

"I went through something a couple weeks ago that I didn't share," she said. "And it keeps coming up whenever I get comments — all I think about is what I went through and I wish I could talk to some of you about it, so I'm just going to tell you what happened: I was pregnant. I was expecting my third baby and things just went wrong and I ended up losing the pregnancy."

"It's been a really difficult time for me. Especially after having two healthy pregnancies, this really just came out of nowhere and was the worst experience I've ever been through," continued the fashion/lifestyle influencer. "I'm definitely going through an emotional roller coaster, but I truly believe in everything happening for a reason. I was in the hospital. That's why I was away from the kids for a week. But I'm okay. I'm grateful because I'm okay, I'm healthy, I have my two babies. And this just wasn't meant to be."

"To clarify, when I say I was in the hospital, it wasn't just a regular miscarriage — it was an ectopic pregnancy — but I'm okay," Arielle said. "I'm ready to move forward."

Opening up in a pair of blog posts about the incident on Sept. 10 and Oct. 12, Arielle recalled the joyful moment she found out she was pregnant in May, only for things to take a turn for the worse weeks later.

"I slowly began to feel okay again," she wrote of the time after the ectopic pregnancy. "I normally share things with my community but this has been a very dark time on social media and I was afraid and also didn't want to take away from an important conversation going on by sharing a traumatic experience about myself. A few weeks later, I felt more comfortable in my private community to share and so I did. It felt good. It felt good to talk about it and to open up. It felt good to know I wasn't alone and I was lucky that I caught it early."

"Now I'm four months out and hopeful for a future pregnancy when the time is right," she continued in the second of her two blog posts. "I'm hopeful that I will be able to make sense of it at some point later down the line. But for right now, I feel as though I lost a part of my heart and soul but I still feel connected to 'it' somehow. I think about that baby sometimes at night and pray I meet him one day."

"To anyone out there going through a pregnancy loss, it's not your fault, you're not alone. Thank you for reading my story <3," she concluded.

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