Sorry, The Amy Poehler Look-Alike Stripper Who Squirted Vaginal Fluid At Cops Is Fake

This one is a big Knope.

On Wednesday, Twitter users were surprised to see comedian and “Parks and Recreation” star Amy Poehler’s name trending.

Twitter’s explanation to users — “People are pointing out the resemblance an arrested Florida woman bears to comedian Amy Poehler” — implied the story that caused Poehler’s name to trend was real.

Yet the news story, which was accompanied by a mugshot of the Pohler doppelganger, seemed to have a few, uh, holes in it:

“Miami Stripper Arrested for Squirting Vaginal Fluids at Police Officers in Self Defense,” it read.

The story associated with the mugshot is actually fake, according to Snopes.

It was written by the World News Daily Report, a satirical website. The mugshot, however, depicts an actual woman who was arrested in Houston in 2008. In real life, she was not accused of the acts described in the WNDR story.

WNDR also makes it no secret that its stories are about as real as the town of Pawnee, Indiana

A tagline under the site’s logo reads, “Where facts don’t matter.” The site also has plenty of disclaimers that its content is a joke. Other news stories featured on the site Wednesday included “Woman Falls Pregnant After Sexual Intercourse with Used Male Sex Doll She Ordered On eBay” and “Woman Sues Samsung for $1.8M After Cell Phone Gets Stuck Inside Her Vagina.”

Basically, the site is very keen on fake news stories associated with female anatomy. Even the story of the Poehler look-alike included a pretty wild description of the Florida woman’s use of her nether regions.

“A Florida lap dancer has been arrested in Miami after assaulting five police officers with her vagina and using it as a deadly weapon without the intent to kill,” the article begins.

Although the story is completely fabricated, people on Twitter still had a whole lot of fun cracking wise about the whole situation. To read a few of these hilarious responses, just scroll down.



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