Spoilers: A new threat for Emmett arrives Neighbours

Emmett’s (Ezra Justin) had a tough time of it from the moment he arrived on Ramsay Street, but things are about to get even worse for the Neighbours newbie – and for poor Aaron and David.

He was sent to live with foster parents Aaron (Matt Wilson) and David (Takaya Honda) because his home life was so bad that his future was under a huge threat. But since his arrival in Ramsay Street things have not gone smoothly, with him learning that at first Aaron and David didn’t want him, then having a devastating mishap when his brother came to town, involving him very nearly breaking his back.

And then his mum, who is still battling her alcoholism, showed up to cause even more trouble. But that’s not the end of it.

After Aaron and David learn about Jenna’s relapse into alcohol abuse from a distraught Emmett, she is found out and Emmett is convinced his foster dads are to blame for dobbing her in. He goes off on one, but is mortified to learn he’s blamed the wrong people – they had remained true to their word and stuck by him. He turns his wrath on Jenna after realising she’s tried to set them up.

Luckily for Emmett, Aaron and David are the forgiving sort, and Emmett realises he’s happy here, they are making him feel like family and can clearly be trusted in a world where Emmett has been so badly failed.

But it’s not to last as something, or someone, is about to upset this new happy little family.

David suggests they have a day of fun for Emmett after everything he’s been through, but of course his ideas fall flat as his take on fun is very different from the teenager’s. David is gutted at having let the poor kid down, but his last ditch attempt pulls things back – he shows up with a PS4 and they have an awesome games night.

That is, awesome until the phone rings and Emmett’s life is thrown into disarray again. Who’s coming for Emmett this time?

Scenes air from Monday August 31 on Channel 5.

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