Stacey Solomon shares pressure washer hack that ‘changed her life’ and saved hours

Stacey Solomon showed off the extreme pleasure she got from power washing her garden patio – but has since stumbled onto another use for the machine.

Frustrated with how difficult she finds it to get her son Rex's highchair clean she decided to use the jet wash to return it back to new.

And she didn't stop there, she took the power wash to a tricky oven tray that was stained with burned food and said her new found hack had "changed her life".

Stacey wrote alongside a clip of her power washing the tray: "After I jet washed the high chair yesterday I thought about all of the other things I hate cleaning that take up so much time."

She then showed off the amazing results using the Kärcher pressure washer for the deep clean: "I'm honestly annoyed I didn't discover it sooner.

"This would have wasted hours of my day before," she added with a crying-laughing emoji

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Clearly impressed with her pressure washer Stacey showed a before and after adding the comment: "My jet wash changed my life."

She also added a small caveat, saying that the way she had used it was "probably not recommended but I thoroughly enjoyed it."

The brand behind the pressure washer, Kärcher, explained that it was actually pretty useful to be able to use the tool to clean tough spots safely around the house and that actually according to their research cleaning positively benefits wellbeing.

More than eight in ten Brits (86 per cent) said that cleaning positively benefits their wellbeing with over a third (36 per cent) of those surveyed saying cleaning makes them feel less stressed especially during lockdown.

The research by Kärcher also revealed that 75 per cent think people are more house proud now than in previous years.

More than half of Brits (51 per cent) complete an annual Spring Clean – rising to 56 per cent among those in their 20s and 30s. Almost a quarter in this age group specifically turn to online influencers such as Mrs Hinch for cleaning tips but mum still topped the list with 53 per cent turning to them for advice.

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The Loose Women presenter, 30, has been keeping busy during the coronavirus lockdown making new projects out of repurposed items from around her house.

She's whipped up a hanger made out of a large stick Joe had brought back from a walk to display her belts in her bedroom.

And the TV personality also made a bird feeder out of a chopping board and old candle pots that she drilled to her fence.

Most recently she got her toolkit out to make a watering can light feature for her garden, drilling bigger holes in the spout of the before threading through the battery-operated LED lights.

She wrote: "Okay so yesterday I decided to make our watering can into something because it's too big and heavy to use so it's just been sat in the corner of the garden…

"So I got some cheap little battery fairy lights and drilled some bigger wholes in the spout," she explained in captions as a video montage played in the background.

She then explained that she had finished her project on Sunday but waited for the big reveal: "I didn't post yesterday because I wanted to see what it looked like in the dark… And here it is."

Playing Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love song as background music, Stacey revealed how proud she was of the finished display: "Sorry about the dramatic music I just love it so much. I hung it on string so I can take it off if it rains. It really makes me smile!"

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