Strip club turns into drive-thru service with pole dancers delivering food

The coronavirus pandemic has radically changed so many parts of our lives.

Physical intimacy is limited, pub trips are no more, many of us are out of work while others have had to change what our jobs look like.

At the Lucky Devil Lounge in Oregon, owner Shon Boulden came up with an unconventional way to keep his business up and running.

Shon turned the strip club into a drive-thru food service, with pole dancers providing entertainment while customers pick up their meals, and workers doubling up as delivery drivers.

The concept started out as a joke.

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Shon initially turned the bar into a kitchen to offer food delivery, after Covid-19 forced the closure of the strip club. But without the club’s USP of hot women dancing, income dropped dramatically.

He joked about sending the dancers out to do deliveries on Twitter and was stunned by the response – so decided to make it happen.

A few weeks later the Lucky Devil Lounge’s Food 2 Go-Go was offering two options for anyone fancying a dish with a dance: they could pick up orders with a drive-through service, watching dances as they collected their food, or they could receive deliveries to their door with dancers dropping off items. Each option just requires an additional $30 charge.

Either way, patrons get to eat a meal and see the dancers, who would likely otherwise be out of work.

Everyone is kept safe with strict social distancing measures (enforced by bouncers on delivery trips) and personal protective equipment.

Pole dancers at the drive-through wear sparkly masks and gloves, and use long litter-grabbers to give prizes to customers.

Apparently the service has been hugely popular – not surprising considering so many of us are a little starved of human interaction.

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