Subway worker shows how steak and tuna looks before it’s served to customers

A Subway worker has taken TikTok viewers behind-the-scenes of the popular fast food chain.

He showed how he prepares ingredients before bringing them out to the counter for customers to order.

Travis, from Texas, US, posted a series of videos and revealed what the steak and tuna looked like when they came out of a package.

He shared the clip with a vomit emoji, saying: "Just to let y'all know how Subway steak looks. Behind closed doors."

In it, he cuts open the air-tight bag and empties the steak into a tray.

The steak meat comes in a mushy texture, packed in two blocks.

As Travis breaks it up by hand, the brownish meat becomes flaky, leaving viewers to mistake it for tuna.

So he decided to make a second video and reveals how he prepares the classic tuna in mayonnaise too.

The worker takes out a pack of 1.2kg "flaked light tuna in brine".

Travis drains the brine and drops the tuna into a bowl, breaking the fish into smaller chunks before adding mayonnaise in and mixing it up.

Subway fans took it to the comments and said the behind-the-scenes videos have ruined their crave for the sandwiches.

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One said: "Subway employees have got to stop posting. I don't need to know what's in it."

Another wrote: "Never ordering Subway again."

Others said the videos showed how it contradicted the Subway slogan, with a viewer commenting: "'Subway, Eat Fresh' they say."

Some, however, pointed out that Subway is a fast-food chain restaurant and asked people not to expect for fresh catch ingredients.

"It's regular steak but in a plastic sealing? There is nothing bad about it, that's in a cube because of the package," a fan said.

A second added: "It's like canned tuna but in a bag? I don't understand the issue."

Daily Star has contacted Subway for comment.

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