Swatch Drops Basquiat Capsule Collection

Swatch is celebrating one of the world’s most prolific artists for its next Art Journey release. Bringing Jean-Michel Basquiat masterpieces to the wrist, the latest capsule collection focuses on the New York artists’ most iconic paintings from the early 1980s.

The month of May will mark the release of Swatch’s fifth capsule collection for its Swatch Art Journey 2023, which celebrates iconic pieces from artists around the world. The Swatch x BASQUIAT collection is a vibrant capsule that pays homage to the boundary-breaking artist best known for his unconventional perspective. Within this collection are three watches, each highlighting one of Basquiat’s most prominent works.

One of the watches feature the work “Hollywood Africans” by Basquiat, an original artwork from 1983. The piece itself addresses the multiple stereotypes African Americans often face in the entertainment industry and in America in general. The dial arrives in vivid yellow to match the painting’s trio of figures, which depicts the artist with rapper Rammellzee and the painter Toxic. The “Ishtar” is also another 1983 artwork that is portrayed on the watch. The painting is named after the Mesopotamian goddess of fertility and war and arrives on a black dial with the art featured on the turquoise strap. The third watch is an untitled piece, but features Basquiat’s iconic three-pointed crown motif in bold black lines. The 1982 artwork sets the tone for the watch, which is framed in a black case and features Basquiat’s signature on the bottom. Collectors will also have a chance to purchase all three together in a box set.

Swatch x JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT watches and the Swatch x JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT Set will be available in Swatch stores and online from May 11.

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