Teen, 19, says her ‘strict’ parents check her texts, emails and bank statement

A university student has left viewers in shock after exposing her strict parents and detailing how they monitor her activities and took control of her bank accounts.

Abhi, 19, from Minnesota, US, recently responded to a TikTok video asking: "Tell me you have strict parents without telling me you have strict parents."

She said her parents make her use the app Life 360, a family safety service which allows members of a family circle to see the place the others are at all times.

Abhi's father has full control of her bank account and checks on her phone all the time.

She explains: "My dad looks through everything on my phone including my messages and my photos and he controls everything in my life like my bank account, which I do not have access to and he gets all the emails that I get."

The college freshman adds that she has to hand over her phone and laptops to her parents after 9pm.

"I'm not allowed to have my phone or my laptop up in my room past 9 o'clock," she continues. "They have to be downstairs unless I'm doing homework.

"I'm not allowed to have any social media and I recently just got a Facebook when I was trying to find a roommate for college, and even that my dad fully controls and won't let me post anything on it."

The clip has racked up 3.8 million views and prompted a wave of questions in the comments.

One said: "You're 19 and they treat you like a pet hamster."

Another commented: "That is literally so toxic like I'm sorry."

But many were confused how she was able to post the clip on TikTok without her parents knowing.

Abhi explained: "For everyone confused, I do have social media but I'm smart with how I use it, which is why I can post this. I just delete the app when I'm not using it."

She also added that she is working on moving out and becoming more independent.

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