Teen Mom Leah Messer accused of ‘photoshopping’ her legs as she poses in hotpants and crop top with a friend – The Sun

TEEN Mom fans accused Leah Messer of “photoshopping” her legs and curves in a new photo shared to social media.

The 29-year-old MTV star posed in an all-black outfit of short-shorts and a crop top, showing off her toned tummy and gams, though some think her body’s been “edited.”

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Leah’s friend posted a photo of the two of them together a few days ago, with both flaunting their figures in croppd tops and tight clothing.

They sat on a giant, black trunk, as Leah contorted her body to the side, crossing one leg over the other, and an arm resting long in front, to give fans a side view look at her body.

Though the Teen Mom looked happy to be with her friend and taking the snap in her barely-there attire, fans slammed her appearing to use photoshop on herself.

Users on Reddit pointed out her legs, with one saying they looked “so insanely edited, , I cannot with this picture.”

Credit: Reddit

Credit: Reddit

After a few commented how great of a “glow up” Leah’s had, another Redditer wondered: “Do y’all not see how photoshopped this is?!?! See how long her arm is???”

A third claimed: "I think she photoshopped her a** honestly."

While Teen Mom fans had plenty of things to say about the photo, Leah happily commented on her friend’s photo of them: “You so 🔥🔥🔥 Thank you, @iseetru for making this happen!”

The mother-of-three wore a similar outfit earlier this month, though she opted for a more casual look instead of the gym version.

Leah showed off her curves in tiny jean shorts and a brown crop top in a new photo from her trip to Charleston, West Virginia.

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