The $7 Amazon Hack for Getting Your Dog to Actually Enjoy Bath Time

Raise your hand if you have a dog who loves to get dirty but hates to clean up. Tired of every bath ending in a messy battle between you and your furry friend? Amazon shoppers have discovered a genius and inexpensive hack to ease your dog's nerves and make bath time go more smoothly.

The secret to the Bodhi Dog Pet Shampoo Brush, which only costs $7 right now instead of its usual price of $18, lies in the handheld brush's rubber massaging bristles, which soothes your pup and doesn't irritate their skin, like metal brushes tend to do. Beyond its massaging properties, the brush helps to quickly work up a foamy lather and gently and effectively scrub away dirt, dead skin cells, and loose fur. This translates to a cleaner skin, a shinier coat, and less shedding. 

Buy It! Bodhi Dog Pet Shampoo Brush, $6.99 (orig. $17.99);

The best-selling pet brush is a favorite among owners of a variety of dog breeds with different hair lengths and textures, and it's earned more than 10,000 five-star ratings. Shoppers agree that it makes bath time less of a chore because their dogs squirm less under the brush, plus that its ergonomic handle makes for easy brushing. One even noted that their "highly temperamental" cat loved it too. 

"The Bodhi dog brush made bath time so, so much easier and the dogs liked the soft prongs and actually stayed still like they were getting the best massage ever," a reviewer wrote. "I also used the brush to go over when they were shampoo free and when I was done I swear they both looked very disappointed." 

Another added that it works as both a wet and dry brush. "Neither of [my dogs] are fans of bath time, and this made a world of difference," they shared. "They seemed much more relaxed than ever before."

A German Shepherd owner noticed that the brush seems to improve the efficacy of their dog's shampoo. "She loved every minute of it, and she's not usually a big fan of water," they began. "This brush really helped penetrate her fur, so I could rub her special shampoo into her skin. It was like a massage to her, while she got the best deep clean she's ever received from me. It also helped pull off a lot of her hair during the wash, and the hair is super easy to remove from the brush."

Take the stress out of bath time and grab the Bodhi Dog Pet Shampoo Brush on Amazon while it's still on sale. 

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