The Battle Continues: Kanye West Suing Walmart Over Alleged Knockoffs

Kanye West is fuming mad and Walmart is the target of his rage. It appears that Walmart is selling a pair of shoes that closely resembles his Yeezy Foam Runners, but differs both in quality and in price. He has lashed out against Walmart by filing a law suit against them, after they failed to remove the products from their online store, as his request. When assessed side-by-side, the two versions of the shoe look eerily similar, and West is convinced that the high-end reputation of his brand will suffer. In fact, TMZ reports that he’s holding Walmart liable to any damages to his finances, as well. With a cheaper, knock-off version potentially available at Walmart, West’s company stands to lose hundreds of millions of dollars worth of sales.

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Kanye West has spent a lot of time, energy, and money marketing his Yeezy brand as being a high-end fashion staple. His foam shoe design is instantly recognizable and is known to come with a series of upgraded features and a price tag to match.

West’s Yeezy Foam Runners retail for roughly $75 a pair, while the knockoffs at Walmart are priced to sell at the low ticket cost of just under $25.

Kanye isn’t buying the excuse that this is not intended as a knock-off, as the Walmart version looks just like the one designed by his brand, but lacks the special elements found within his version.

According to TMZ; “Kanye and his company, Yeezy, claim the retail giant copied his famous Yeezy Foam Runner and left customers confused about whether they were buying the real thing or an imitation.”

Kanye’s Yeezy brand is highly sought after and is worn by the likes of Kim Kardashian, Snoop Dogg, Gigi and Bella Hadid, Jay-Z, Hailey and Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and more. He’s very concerned that this ‘subpar” knockoff version sold at Walmart is going to confuse fans, or lessen the value that his high-end brand of shoes currently holds.

TMZ reports that; “Yeezy claims Walmart made an ‘unauthorized exact copy’ and has been selling it — at just under $25 a pair — in order to cash in on the popularity of Kanye and the Foam Runner. Kanye’s side claims it sent a legal warning to Walmart and told them to pull the shoes from its site… but it has failed to do so.”

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Sources: TMZ, The Blast

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