The real reason Lil Wayne called it quits with fiancee La’Tecia Thomas

Lil Wayne and his gorgeous fiancée, La’Tecia Thomas, rocked our worlds when they finally went Instagram official after sharing the cutest pics of themselves holding sparklers, posted back in February 2020. La’Tecia, who is an Australian model and body positivity activist, captioned the photos with a heart emoji.

It’s clear that the rapper and model were serious about each other after they got matching tattoos. Wheezy got a TNT detonator on his cheek while La’Tecia got a stick of dynamite tattooed on her right ring finger, per iHeartRadio.

The couple managed to keep their relationship private for most of 2019 but things went public because Lil Wayne blew their cover in two different songs on his album, Funeral. In the song “Stop Playin With Me,” he raps: “I got a plus-sized model, but she my lil’ mama / I make her bust it open for me like a piñata / And as the world turned, she was my spin doctor.”

In the song “Not Me,” Weezy raps: “You know wifey from Australia / She said ‘Cheers mate’ / Then we toast and see how you ni**as tears taste.”

With Weezy using terms like ‘wifey,’ fans got really excited about the commitment between the two lovers. But it seems like the rapper recently called their engagement off. So what’s going on?

La'Tecia looked so happy with Lil Wayne's family

Things rose to the next level between Lil Wayne and La’Tecia Thomas when the Australian model admitted to being engaged. According to iHeartRadio, La’Tecia posted a picture of herself with a big, ol’ diamond ring on her left ring finger and when fans asked if it was an engagement ring, she admitted that it was.

While La’Tecia never admitted to whom she was engaged, she continuously commented on Lil Wayne’s social media with heart emojis. Not only that, but there’s evidence she has met Weezy’s kids, after he brought her to his Miami mansion to celebrate New Year’s together.

La’Tecia met the wee Weezy’s, including: Reginae, Neal, Cameron, and Dwayne Michael Carter III. To ring in 2020, the clan set off fireworks and had a great time, in a video clip shared on YouTube. Fans can see La’Tecia smiling in the background, clearly at home with Lil Wayne’s family.

In addition, they finally walked their first red carpet together at Lil Wayne’s album release party in Miami in February, 2020, according to Rap-Up.

With things looking so good between the two, why are rumors going around that the couple have parted ways?

The evidence that Lil Wayne ended his engagement

Like the good internet detectives that we are, we’ve found evidence that hints at a potential breakup between Lil Wayne and La’Tecia Thomas. For starters, Lil Wayne, like Beyonce, chooses not to follow anyone on Instagram. However, this changed when he was with La’Tecia and she ended up being the only person he followed. However, Black Sports Online pointed out that Lil Wayne is no longer following the Australian model.

There’s more evidence. La’Tecia is no longer sporting her massive diamond ring in pics on Instagram. According to Rap-Up, the model was wearing her engagement ring in photos as recently as April 28, 2020 but in early May, the ring was nowhere to be found. Not only that, but La’Tecia is no longer wearing the “Carter” necklace gifted to her by Lil Wayne.

Fans are quick to spot things, though, and on the Instagram photos of La’Tecia and Weezy holding sparklers, people are already leaving comments. One person wrote, “He unfollowed u.” Another person asked, “Are you guys broken up?” Meanwhile, someone else simply said: “[B]reaks my heart.”

La'Tecia Thomas has also unfollowed Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne and La’Tecia Thomas allegedly met on social media, according to Rap-Up. The rapper slid right into her DMs while overseas, per the outlet, after saying: “I saw someone on TV and I was like, ‘I don’t know how to get in touch with this person.’ I met a very, very special person.” But now, sadly, that’s all over. 

While Weezy unfollowed La’Tecia, the Australian model has also unfollowed him on social media, including all of his fanpages. In fact, the only person related to Lil Wayne who La’Tecia still follows on Instagram is his daughter, Reginae, according to AceShowbiz.

La’Tecia seems to be rising above any negativity, though. The model recently posted a photo series to Instagram with the caption: “You are a goddess, divine femininity.” Fans are gushing with praise over her body positivity and amazing looks, so we can only guess that she’s moving on to a new adventure and letting go of the past.

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