The ultimate guide to celebrating a birthday in lockdown

Wondering how to celebrate a birthday during the coronavirus pandemic? Here’s six lockdown-friendly birthday ideas to help you make the birthday girl or boy’s day extra special.

With the coronavirus lockdown set to continue for the foreseeable future, plenty of people will be faced with the dilemma of how to celebrate their friends’ or family members’ birthdays from a distance. 

Having your birthday in the middle of a global pandemic is, to say the least, rather unfortunate. But no matter how long the coronavirus outbreak goes on for and what happens over the coming months, people still age and birthdays can’t just be put on hold until all of this is over (especially because no one knows when life will be back to ‘normal’).

Of course, there are plenty of worse things happening at the moment, but many of us will still want to make our friends’ or family members’ special days as wonderful as possible, even when we’re unable to celebrate with them physically.

If someone you love is due to celebrate their birthday during this rather unusual period, then you’ve probably spent some time brainstorming exactly how you’ll make their day special from afar. Thanks to the world of video calling and online deliveries, there are plenty of small ways we can show someone we’re thinking of them without the need to see them in the flesh. 

So without further ado, here’s Stylist’s guide to celebrating a loved one’s birthday during lockdown. From giving them a creative gift to get them through quarantine to having a virtual drink, these simple ideas are a great way to make sure this one’s a birthday to remember. 

And if you’re looking for some gift inspiration, check out our guide to the thoughtful birthday gift ideas you can send in the post.

1.Have a (virtual) house party

Forget having a drink over Zoom – viral video chat app Houseparty allows you to have a virtual party with a group of your friends.

As well as giving you the space to chat and hangout with whoever you like, Houseparty offers a range of in-app activities to do with your friends, including ‘Heads Up!’ and trivia. You can also share your screen with the people on your call, making it super easy to watch films or TV programmes together as you celebrate. 

With up to eight people permitted to join each session, Houseparty may not allow for as big a gathering as Zoom, but it’ll certainly allow you to create some sort of party atmosphere for your friend’s special day.

On top of that, there are plenty of online activities you can do together. From online escape rooms to virtual pub quizzes, you’ll be spoilt for choice. You could even host your own virtual pub quiz, and theme it around the birthday girl or boy!

2.Pick out a special card

While in “normal” times you might not care too much about birthday cards, in the current situation something as simple as a friendly message is sure to make a difference.

Oliver Bonas have a great selection of cards by different designers which you can currently order online, or you can use a card delivery service like Thortful (who have now released a fabulous collection of isolation and quarantine-themed cards) to have the card sent straight to a friend with the message already printed inside. 

Independent designers also tend to sell unique cards perfect for showing your friend how much you care – this seeded card from All Paper Everythings on Etsy can be torn up and planted after it’s finished to grow a patch of wildflowers.

3.Send them a boredom buster

Staying at home all the time is sure to get boring pretty quick, so give your friend the gift of distraction in the form of a craft kit. Not only will it break up the endless Netflix bingeing sessions which will inevitably form most of their life now, it’ll keep them busy for a considerable time. 

Lisa Angel’s needle punch kit is a lot easier than embroidery (making it perfect for beginners), and Cast’s bespoke jewellery making kit will give them everything they need to create personalised silver jewellery.

4.Invest in a delivery-friendly gift 

Lucky for us, there are plenty of gifts you can send through the post these days to suit every type of person. 

You could also give them the gift that keeps on giving and pay for a subscription box to be delivered to their house every month. There truly is something for everyone out there – just take Bloombox Club’s houseplant subscription.

If you’re looking to give them a subscription they’ll be able to use during quarantine, premium art kit subscription service Artful sends out a box curated by a featured artist as soon as you register, and will send your friend a new set in the post every three months. 

5. Make plans for when lockdown is over

One of the worst bits of celebrating a birthday in lockdown is not being able to see all your friends and family, so doing something that shows you understand how your friend feels is important.

None of us knows when the coronavirus pandemic is going to end, but reassuring your friend that you’ll celebrate with them when lockdown is over will give them something to look forward to throughout this uncertain period.

6. Food glorious food

If there’s one thing sure to brighten someone’s mood while they’re in lockdown, it’s a delivery of tasty snacks. 

In a time where we’re being encouraged to go to the supermarket as little as possible, having some treats in will make their birthday all the more special. 

From the beautiful hand-iced biscuits of Biscuiteers to the delectable brownies of Bad Brownie, there’s still plenty of delivery options available to give their day that extra boost. 

Images: Unsplash/Getty/All Paper Everythings on Etsy

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