This $19 Hair Serum Keeps My Frizzy Ends in Check

If you’ve had the energy and motivation to style your hair with curling irons and straighteners while stuck at home these past few weeks, I applaud you and admire your steadfastness during these wild times. I, on the other hand, haven’t so much as looked at any of my heat styling tools since early March, but there is one hair care product I’ve been using to feel my best at home and look somewhat put together during work video calls and virtual happy hours: my trusty hair serum from Function of Beauty.

Although I have fine hair, my strands have a natural wave to them and tend to appear frizzy and unkept when I don’t properly style them. However, this customizable hair serum helps to tame flyaways and frizz while providing extra shine and protecting strands from future heat damage with a little help from argan, jojoba, and sunflower oils, as well as other natural ingredients.

Like all of the brand’s products, this serum is made custom for your specific hair type. When you begin your order, you’ll build a personal hair profile based on answers to a simple quiz. You’ll identify things like your hair texture, scalp moisture, goals, and preferred fragrance. You can even choose a formula name to be printed right on the bottle.

I typically apply a small amount of the serum to damp hair after I get out of the shower a few times a week. I start by warming a few pumps of the vegan, cruelty-free formula in my hands before working it into my hair starting just a few inches above my ends. Since I already have thin, oily-prone hair, I prefer to use a modest amount of the serum and avoid letting it get too close to my roots; however, depending on your hair type, you can apply it anywhere on the mid-shaft of your hair to your ends.

Instead of rinsing it out after using, let the serum work its magic as your hair dries. You can air dry and style naturally or use heat-styling tools as usual. The product is proven to reduce frizz, increase shine, promote detangling, and protect hair from heat damage, and I can personally attest to its benefits. My ends look healthy and shiny when I use the serum, and I swear it wards off pesky split ends, too. I’ve noticed far fewer damaged strands since I began using the product months ago, and I enjoy adding it to my regular hair routine for some extra shine and polish. 

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I’m not the only one loving the results this $19 serum produces. Those with both thick and thin hair had positive things to say about the product.

“I don’t usually use hair serum because it’s very oily on my hair. This product, however, was not at all. It went on smooth and soaked in right away,” one reviewer wrote.

Another simply said: “Overall, I loved the serum. [It] made my hair soft and manageable, no frizzies.”

If you want to try the serum for yourself, you can make a one-time order or take advantage of Function of Beauty’s subscription model by setting up regular shipments every couple of months depending on your needs. 

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