This adorable skunk is completely addicted to ranch dressing

Stella’s on the sauce.

A persnickety skunk is raising a stink at home for his bizarre addiction to ranch dressing, of which the picky eater goes through several bottles a week.

Indeed, a video clip shows Stella, a 4-year-old skunk, forgoing a sumptuous spread of eggs and bacon in favor of lapping ranch dressing right off the plate. In another shot, the dressing-drunk skunk can be seen guzzling the creamy salad topping straight from the bottle.

“You’re just licking it off,” owner Rayna Funari of New Jersey can be heard musing in the background of the video from Caters News.

The 38-year-old bar manager had bought Stella after her hubby JoJo, 39 couldn’t decide on a puppy to adopt. And while their new pet settled in fine, the couple had unknowingly adopted a raging ranch-oholic.

It was love at first bite for Stella, who, after trying ranch dressing on salad for the first time, has since opted to subsist solely on the creamy condiment.

Stella’s dressing-based diet has become a particular cause of concern for JoJo and Rayna, as skunks are omnivorous. According to, the “non-picky” mephitids consume everything from blueberries to beetle grubs.

But Stella isn’t the first animal with oddball eating habits. A woodchuck made waves on Wednesday for its predilection for pizza, while in September, a video of a “hipster squirrel” nibbling on Nutella took the internet by storm.

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