This white noise machine has received over 1,500 five-star reviews

Helping your baby to sleep: Tired parents call this white noise machine a ‘miracle’ – and it’s only £32 at Amazon right now

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Thousands of shoppers have shared their ‘life-changing’ experience with a white noise machine that promises to help you get more z’s.

Hailed a ‘miracle product’ by tired parents, the Dreamegg White Noise Machine has a range of white noise, a fan and natural sounds to help create the perfect relaxing environment to encourage a better night’s sleep. 

Stifling outdoor sounds, the white noise machine is a top buy with adults and babies alike, with many reporting ‘game-changing’ results. And the best news? It’s currently on sale for £31.99.

Masking distracting sounds like snoring, tinnitus, clanky radiators and outside noises, the Dreamegg White Noise Machine creates optimal sleeping conditions for babies, children and adults alike. 

It has 24 crisp soothing sounds with three sound types. There are ten nature sounds, seven white noise sounds, and seven fan sounds, so you can choose what works best for you. 

A sleep aid is non-negotiable for many parents, and a white noise machine comes high on the list. 

The Dreamegg is one of the best-rated white noise machine’s on Amazon, with users raving how ‘it works wonders’ to help block outside noises to help them get to sleep more quickly.

With 24 sounds and three sound types to choose from, including white noise, fan and nature sounds, you can choose what works best for you. And it’s not just babies who are reaping the rewards of more shut-eye.  

The Dreamegg White Noise Machine D1 has seven white noise, seven fan sounds and ten relaxing natural sounds to help create the optimum sleeping environment.

Acting as personalized sleep sound therapy, it helps block out external sounds to help lull you into a calming zone where it’s easier for you to fall asleep. 

With soothing sounds of the sea, rain and cricket to choose from, along with a timer function, memory feature and soothing warm light, the Dreamegg works as well or even better than those with a higher price point. 

In fact, several shoppers mention how they ‘couldn’t live without it’, raving how it ‘works perfectly’ to help both babies and adults fall asleep quicker and get an interrupted night’s sleep. 

Great for adults and children alike, the wireless white noise machine offers a winning combination of soft lighting, timer function and gentle sounds to help you relax and drift off

With a near-perfect score of 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon, the Dreamegg White Noise Machine is a highly-recommended buy with scores of impressive testimonies. 

One delighted parent raved: ‘Works perfectly! We have two older boys and a newborn, this is excellent for drowning keeping a peaceful environment for baby. 

‘She likes the pink noise and womb sounds (mummy prefers the waves!). Would definitely recommend.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘Newborn must have. So glad I bought this, it cancels out all background noise and baby loves it. I’m finding that I am also sleeping a lot better with it! I love the nightlight function too as it’s just the right amount of brightness for a night feed!’.

And it’s not just children who are getting a better sleep: ‘I absolutely love this Dreamegg. It’s perfect! I sleep like a log every night & it completely drowns out my partner’s snoring.’

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