Tim Gunn Just Played a Virtual Reality Game on a Streaming Show, so I Guess It’s Really 2020

If you ever need proof that we’re officially living in 2020, here's a sentence: Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum just tried virtual reality gaming on their new Amazon Prime series. Yes, you read that right. Tim Gunn. Plus Heidi Klum. Plus virtual reality. Plus streaming show. What a digital doozy. 

But it’s true. Fashion’s most iconic TV host duo officially jumped on the VR train, and it was just as silly as you’d imagine. Sadly, even two of the most important figures in fashion can’t make virtual reality gaming look cool, but the result was nothing but one of the funniest moments from the latest episodes of Amazon’s newest reality TV show, Making the Cut

Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum Hug Finale

Stream now: Making the Cut, free with a Prime subscription; amazon.com

If anything, it was entirely worth the money to just watch two fashion icons put on VR consoles, and for a brief moment this writer did consider, are VR consoles supposed to be the newest fashion accessories now? Thank goodness I snapped back to reality, but here’s how it happened: Tim and Heidi turned up at VREX cafe, a sleek VR lab in Tokyo, to experience a fighting game. The consoles looked like metal diving masks over their faces, and Tim seemed entirely out of his comfort zone (again). “I’m not going down in Tokyo!” said the fashion mentor. 

The game begins, and the two start flailing their arms about, with Heidi lifting her hands à la Iron Man to shoot a “fireball” towards Tim. Witnessing the two play a virtual reality game was like observing the crowd at a silent disco: It’s funny and ridiculous, yet somehow you just can’t look away. Tim ended up winning, with Heidi pretending to be upset. “I’m sorry, I happen to be the better fireball thrower!” said Tim. 

Well, there’s a sentence I never thought I’d hear coming out of Tim Gunn’s mouth, but I guess it’s 2020 and anything could happen. So if you’ve ever felt out of place while trying VR, rest assured — you’d look just as silly as two of the most esteemed fashion TV hosts of all time. Watch Tim and Heidi try virtual reality on episode seven of Making the Cut for yourself, and catch up on other funny moments (including Tim trying streetwear for the first time) from previous episodes now.

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