Time travellers share bizarre 2021 predictions including great wave disaster

A group of self-styled "time travellers" have gone viral after posting truly bizarre "predictions" for the near future.

The adventurers outrageously claim to have travelled back in time with knowledge of what is going to happen in the future.

Despite having next-to-no evidence whatsoever of their beliefs, the TikTok users have racked up millions of followers on the platforms.

Most of their videos show scenes from natural disaster movies and wildlife documentaries to dramatise their predictions.

Here, Daily Star has compiled some of the most outrageous predictions for the rest of 2021 and let us know in the comments what you make of them.

Giant wave hits

"Time Voyager", who claims to have arrived in real-time Earth in December, 2020, posted on social media that he is here "trying to help out" and to warn people "bad things are going to happen".

In one clip he posted in April on TikTok, the man shows a clip of a cargo ship braving huge waves in the sea during a storm.

The caption reads: "Stop scrolling! I am a real time traveller.

"In the summer of 2021, the great wave will hit. Be ready." As is a common theme with these self-proclaimed time travellers, no other information is given.

But the post has still raked in 69,000 views and left some viewers asking for more details to follow.

One viewer said: "That means the waves will hit between the beginning and end of summer time, that will be the California coast, New York City, Miami Florida."

Another questioned: "If you truly are from the future and you know the great wave will hit, tell us where and the date."

Unsurprisingly, "time voyager" did not respond to any of the questions.

'Dangerous' creature to be found

Not only does the future of 2021 seem to hold natural disasters for us all to enjoy, we will also apparently find "the most dangerous creature" in the world.

TikTok user "authentic time traveler", from the year 2582, boldly claimed he made several trips back and forth to the past and future with a mission to "inform the human race of futuristic events in this point in relative time".

In a video he posted in March, he pinpoints a specific date in four months' time and reveals the location of the mysterious beast.

He wrote: "On October 6, 2021, we will discover a creature unlike any other.

"It will be discovered in the Acacia forest in Australia.

"It will be the most dangerous creature. This creature is called the Gazaur."

Despite not giving away too much detail, some viewers searched the name online and found nothing about the species.

A viewer said: "I looked it up. Guys, it's a toy helicopter!"

A second jumped straight to conclusion and commented: "Australia is getting all the danger. I feel kind of bad."

'Superpowers' become reality

One "time traveller", who sensationally claims to have come from the year 2484, said in one video that eight human beings will receive a "life-changing" event by the end of this year.

They will apparently gain "superpowers" from the sun, which gives them power to teleport, flying and manipulate the weather.

"That one time traveler" told his 1.3 million followers: "On December 20, 2021, eight humans will receive super powers from the energy waves of the sun.

"But for all things, there is always a good and bad side.

"While the eight humans choose how they want to use their super powers, big companies start trying to test on them to create more super powers."

He even detailed the super powers in a separate post and said they consist of "pure strength, telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation, flight, precognition, magic and also weather manipulation".

Many viewers related the "superpowers" to the traits of superheroes in movies.

"These are literally the powers of most of the X-Men," a fan pointed out.

Another asked: "Do you mean the Avengers?"

We know which one we want to be real…

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