Tired of the ‘talking stage’ on dating apps? Beelining could be the dating trend for you

Written by Lauren Geall

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Cut to the main event with the help of beelining, the new dating trend that sees daters skip the talking stage for an IRL meet-up.

Name: Beelining

Meaning: forget the days when you spent hours talking to someone before the idea of meeting IRL even came up – beelining is all about cutting to the chase and securing a date as soon as possible. At a time when many of us struggle to keep up with the number of notifications and messages popping up on our phone, it’s a way to overcome the risk of forgetting to reply to someone and going straight to the main event.

Origin: you heard it here first – beelining is a Dating Dictionary original – and represents a growing trend we’ve seen on dating apps, especially among women. We’ve seen an increase in profile prompts asking suitors to ‘name a time and place or unmatch’. It seems like daters are becoming increasingly frustrated and burnt out by their quest to find a connection – and beelining has become the antidote. 

Let me get this straight. It’s got nothing to do with wearing black and yellow on a first date? Absolutely not – it’s an approach to dating, not a fashion trend.

Right. But if it’s all about going on a date with someone straight away, how can you tell if you actually like them? I understand your concern, but think about it in reverse: how can you tell you don’t like someone if you haven’t seen them face to face?

Always the devil’s advocate. It just feels like a lot of effort to find out you don’t like someone in the first 10 minutes. I guess, but talking to someone on a dating app for weeks on end requires a lot of effort (and commitment), too. Dating apps are a great tool, but it often feels like we’ve become over-reliant on them compared to the old days when you’d bump into someone in a bar or restaurant and see if you clicked. In this way, beelining is kind of the best of both worlds – you get a general idea of the person’s personality, likes and dislikes, but then you get to meet up with them and see if you gel. 

What if the other person thinks you’re only looking for one thing in particular? If you are, then that’s great! But if not, you just need to be upfront about why you’re beelining in the first place. For example, you might say, “Hey, I find it really hard to keep up with messages on these apps – how do you feel about grabbing a drink sometime this week?”  

Cool! I think this is the trend that’ll help me land my first date. We can only hope.

I might even make it part of my profile. That’s a great idea. As we’ve already mentioned, making your approach evident from the start is an easy way to find the sort of people you’re interested in. On Hinge, you might put it as a prompt; on Bumble, you could pop it in the ‘intro’ section at the top of your profile. Whatever works best for you.

Right, that’s sorted. All that’s left to do is crack out my favourite black and yellow striped top. I already told you, beelining has nothing to do with your fashion choices.

I know, it’s just my go-to first-date outfit. Just when you start to make sense… 

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