TRO Designs' Ultralight Ratchet-Driver Weighs Just 83 Grams

TRO Designs has just released a project on Indiegogo called the Superleggera. Designed to be as light as possible while retaining high tolerances, the Superleggera is an ultralight ratchet driver tool made from titanium, carbon fiber, and aluminum.

Sized close to a 1/4” bit ratchet, the Superleggera is ideal for lightweight off-road expeditions, and features a flexible head and amagnetic 1/4” hex bit socket in the handle. Rated for M8 (5/16”) diameter fasteners, the Superleggera weighs 83 grams while the Stubby version comes in at 66 grams.

Priced at $188 USD, the project can be backed now over on Indiegogo.

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