UK couples 'would rather a clean bathroom than great sex'

A new study has revealed the nation’s bathroom habits; the good, the bad, and the grimy.

The survey by Wilkinson Sword looked into hygiene routines across the UK, finding that many hold their partners to far higher cleaning standards than themselves.

A whopping 20% of respondents said they’d rather have a partner that keeps the bathroom clean than a good kisser, while one in eight would even prefer a bathroom-proud partner over great sex.

More than two-thirds said that a partner keeping a dirty bathroom would be a relationship deal-breaker. However, not all those who talk the talk walk the walk when it comes to cleanliness.

Of the 500 couples that took part in the UK Bathroom Habits Survey, two in three men admitted they don’t clean up their nails after cutting them, and 66% of women neglect their mess after shaving.

Personal hygiene was also a hot topic.

Just two in five men wash their ‘downstairs’ daily, though more men shower every day than women.

One in 20 couples even admitted to sharing toothbrushes or razors, despite the fact that just 29% of men (compared to 48% of woman) replace their toothbrush every three or four months as recommended by dentists.

Victoria Gooddy, Marketing Manager at Wilkinson Sword, says: ‘With more of us practising a hybrid working routine, sprucing ourselves up to face the world has slipped down our priority list.

‘Routines need to be adapted to suit our newfound lifestyles but many should consider “upgrading” their bathroom habits to put more effort into self-care and grooming.

‘Rethinking our hygiene routines is clearly important when it comes to not only making yourself feel good, but for attracting partners as well.

‘And since it’s not just personal grooming that can help you land love, quite a few people might want to start adopting better cleaning habits in their living spaces to help maintain a healthy love life.’

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