UK power outage: Homes STILL suffering blackouts after nine regions affected

Power cuts in London create blackouts across the capital

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Thousands of homes across Essex, Suffolk, Surrey, Greater London, East Sussex, Norfolk, Kent and elsewhere suffered power outages on Monday for a number of reasons. UK Power Networks, the distribution network operator for electricity across the south east, mainly cited faults to power cables affecting households in local areas. Today, a number of homes across the south east are still experiencing brief power outages due to similar issues.

In Greater London, around 53 UK Power Networks customers are still suffering from blackouts in south London between Merton and Thornton Heath.

The network operator says it is unable to confirm when the power will come back on.

The power in the area reportedly had to be switched off so that engineers could carry out emergency repairs to the network, the operator’s power cut map indicates.

It was also reported yesterday that up to 514 customers across Essex were affected.

Today, while that number has been slashed, according to the map, several customers in the areas of Pickerells and Stanford-le-Hope have been affected by power outages.

The unplanned cuts were also due to a fault on an underground electricity cable affecting the local area.

West Grinstead in West Sussex has also been experiencing power outages this morning, with UK Power Network’s map indicating that seven customers in the area are affected.

The operators estimate that the power can get back on by 09:30 am to 10:30 am as they scramble to resolve the fault that occurred to a piece of electrical equipment controlling the power for these homes.

It was also reported yesterday that homes were affected across the county of Norfolk.

Today, power outages are still occurring in the county, with six postcode areas across the village of Roughton affected after an issue with a high voltage overhead electricity line.

And in one Surrey area, the village of Mayford, up to 459 customers were reportedly affected across 16 postcodes yesterday, as indicated on UK Power Network’s Power Cut map.

That has since been resolved, with no further unplanned cuts appearing to take hold, according to the map.

In Suffolk, up to 58 households were also affected across a number of areas on the outskirts of Ipswich on Monday.

The blackouts in the town appear to have been resolved, but up to eight customers in near the Suffolk village of Ixworth Thorpe suffered a power cut overnight.

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Other parts of the county, such as near the village of Drinkstone, has also seen customers impacted.

Power outages were also reported in Kent, but have since appeared to be resolved, while in East Sussex, three customers close to Wartling are currently without power.

On Monday, UK Power Networks reported that over 3,000 customers in total were affected by power outages across the regions.

According to Citizens Advice, customers may be able to claim compensation if their electricity or gas supply is shut off.

During a power outage, it is up to the network operators to fix the cuts and pay the compensation.

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