Vanderpump Rules recap: Ariana reveals first text rat Raquel sent her post-Scandoval

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Ariana Madix revealed the first text “rat” Raquel Leviss sent her post-Scandoval during the explosive part one of the “Vanderpump Rules” Season 10 reunion on Wednesday.

“It took her 48 whole hours to text me, ‘I don’t even know what to say. I’m just, I’m sorry,’” Madix, 37, told host Andy Cohen during a one-on-one chat.

“And I said, ‘F–k off you f–king rat,’” she added. “And I blocked her.”

The text exchange was also displayed onscreen, proving that Madix’s recollection was nearly spot on.

“You are DEAD TO ME,” Madix texted Leviss.

“Ariana, I don’t know what to say right now besides I really f–ked up and I am so so so sorry,” she replied.  

Madix then hit back with, “Shut the f–k up you f–king RAT.”

Of course, this was just the beginning of conversations about and confrontations over Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss’ months-long affair behind Madix’s back.

Elsewhere during the reunion, James Kennedy nearly got into two brawls with Sandoval, 40, after talking about their brother-like relationship prior to him having an affair with Kennedy’s former fianceé.

“It just goes to show how much of a friend you never were, you’re an opportunist!” Kennedy, 31, screamed at him before Sandoval also called him an “opportunist.”

Kennedy then stood up from his seat and charged to the other side of the stage towards Sandoval and Cohen, 54, immediately jumped in and yanked Kennedy away from him.

“F–k you I don’t want you to stand up for me, you’re a p–sy ass bitch, you’re a clown, and your band sucks dick,” Kennedy continued screaming offstage.

“You’re a nothing, you’re a nobody, you’re a loser, and your f–king bar is going down the drain you backstabbing ho.”

Kennedy’s monologue didn’t sit well with Sandoval as he then threatened to “f–k you up motherf–ker.”

Once again, Kennedy ran towards Sandoval – who also stood up from his seat – and Cohen and Lisa Vanderpump physically got in between the former friends.

“Stay in the f–king chair!” Cohen instructed him.

Before taking a breath offstage, Kennedy got in the last word by calling him a “p–sy bitch” and a “worm with a mustache.”

Kennedy’s close friend Lala Kent also got activated with none other than Vanderpump, 62, after she defended Sandoval.

“That is a f–king narcissist everyone needs to be warned about this person – like this is a dangerous human being,” Kent, 32, said of Sandoval.

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Vanderpump then defended Sandoval and told Kent that it’s “actually a ridiculous stance to start saying Sandoval’s a dangerous person.”

The first part of the reunion did not feature Leviss onstage, since at the time of the March 23 taping, she had obtained a restraining order against her former BFF Scheana Shay, so she watched on from a van.

The reunion trailer shows that Madix eventually has the opportunity to face off against Leviss when she swaps seats with Shay – even calling her “diabolical, demented, subhuman”

Leviss and Sandoval’s dalliance was exposed on March 3, two days after Madix discovered it and dumped him.

“Vanderpump Rules” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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