‘What Planet Can I Blame for This?’ Your Guide to Astrology & the Vibes for May 2023

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers, and that’s always the sort of vibe May brings: bright and promising. April closed off in slow-and-steady Taurus, which can kinda feel like the Eeyore to Aries’ Tigger. Not to mention we were hit with Mercury retrograde and eclipse season at the end of the month. Both of those come to a close within the first half of the month just before we enter the frenetic and friendly energy of Gemini. If anything, the energy of May calls forth a feeling of freshness and transformation. It might feel gnarly at first (as most change does) but by June, don’t be surprised if you’re walking toward the summer months with a new attitude on life and love.

Below, astrologer Liz Simmons shares what we can expect from the upcoming astrological transits in May.

Are you living life authentically?

Pluto goes into retrograde on May 1, which Simmons says, is usually the time to rethink, review, then revise Pluto’s themes of death, rebirth, transformation, power, and control. Not surprisingly, this can be a heavier transit to endure but since it’s usually a long one, Simmons says it might be felt more slowly over time.

“Given that Pluto retrograde usually lasts between five to six months, it may be more of a slow burn for most individuals,” she explains. “As Pluto stations retrograde in Aquarius from May 1 to June 11, this will be an excellent time to review the Aquarian themes in your life from a Plutonic lens. Friendships, authenticity, technology, social media, and innovation may come up for intense introspection.” Simmons suggests reflecting on what has occurred from the end of March up until the beginning of May during this initial phase of Pluto retrograde. “Most may feel like they’re not living their most authentic lives, so there might be themes of imposter syndrome coming to light,” she says. “Collectively speaking, there could be a greater call to reform technical advances and to accept eccentricity.”

It’s time to let go

Feeling particularly emotional lately? You can blame the full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio for that. Occurring on May 5, this lunar eclipse, says Simmons, suggests that the ending of a six-month cycle under the full moon will have a fated yet unpredictable effect.

“Unexpected events may arise at the last minute or we may close a chapter in our lives in a way that we wouldn’t have anticipated,” she explains. “There might be some struggles with moving through the emotional intensity of this eclipse. Aside from this, Scorpio rules over the taboo, occult, intimacy, and entanglements. The lunar eclipse may allude to letting go of overly complex, messy matters with finances, relationships, and self-practices.”

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According to Simmons, this could be an excellent time to let go of entanglements in every way or to set up a plan to release yourself from entanglements. “Plus, the eclipse may even assist with diving into a more hidden, taboo part of yourself. So, this could be eye-opening since some unusual yet profound secrets may come to light!” Since eclipses have a “Russian roulette” vibe to them, Simmons doesn’t suggest setting intentions, manifesting, or holding rituals during this lunation. “Instead, my best suggestion would be to practice detachment and observe what comes to light three days before and after the eclipse occurs,” she says.

Nurture your relationships — but not too much

On May 7, Venus, the planet of love and beauty, enters Cancer, the mother of the zodiac. According to Simmons, this can be an excellent time to focus on the emotional integrities of our relationships. “Forging closeness with our partners may come intuitively, so it might be easier than usual to navigate since couples may feel like they are in sync with their partners,” she says. “However, Cancer is the zodiac sign associated with motherhood and parenting, so Venus in Cancer may bring out our inner caretakers. On one hand, Venus in Cancer could be excellent for showing love through acts of service since we may want to take care of our partners. But on the other hand, Venus in Cancer may cause some to feel like they are parenting their partner, likely due to weaponized incompetence.”

So, basically, nurture your partner but avoid becoming their moms.

Aside from your love life, Simmons says you can also take advantage of Venus in Cancer by decorating your sacred space, finding clothes, and becoming attuned to all things related to beauty. “Venus in Cancer has a nostalgic vibe, so this could be an excellent transit to find hidden gems at the thrift store, yard sales, or estate sales,” she explains. “Think of Venus in Cancer as the perfect transit for vintage finds!”

A new time of security and stability

A new moon on May 19 occurs in the sign of Taurus, and according to Simmons, this will be the peaceful lunation we’ve been waiting for. “This new moon should generally usher in a new period of security and stability that’s aligned with your value systems,” she says. “Whatever you hold in esteem or prioritize over the next six months could either allow you to feel steadier or it could rock the boat. That depends on what you value!”

She recommends a nature-oriented ritual given that this new moon is occurring in an earth sign. “Going for a walk and being present on the walk is one way to ground,” she suggests. “However, you can hike, do an outdoor yoga class, or meditate outside, then this would be optimal since the new moon encourages us to take it slow.”

Move ahead with your goals

Has it been difficult to get your latest projects off the ground? Well, fear no more. Once Mars, the planet of power and aggression, enters the feisty sign of Leo, there will be no stopping us!

Mars in Leo will be a breath of fresh air post-Mars in Cancer and Mars in Gemini,” Simmons says. “Let’s face it, we’ve had one too many problems with Martian transits since last September. It’s been like one thing after another, so it might have been hard to get moving and grooving with your ambitions. Luckily, Mars in Leo could be the burst of energy that we have been waiting for to drive through goal after goal.”

According to Simmons, expect to feel more confident, determined, and optimistic during this Martian transit. “Things may come much easier too, like working through a project or enjoying sensual pleasure,” she says. “The only potential setback is working through periods of aggravation or frustration since anger may hit too close to home given that Mars in Leo can be prideful. Try not to let your ego get in the way.”

She recommends taking advantage of this time by narrowing your focus to a few goals or endeavors at a time so you don’t burn out and can follow them through to the finish line.

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