What will April 29th to May 6th 2023 bring for MY star sign?

My Weekly Horoscope: What will April 29th to May 6th 2023 bring for MY star sign? Oscar Cainer tells all

When Jupiter enters Taurus in mid-May, it’s a promise of adventure. And with the Coronation Eclipse opposing rebellious Uranus, turbulence might be expected. But the New Moon’s supportive Cosmic Cradle should keep things calm.

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March 21 – April 20

When two or more people agree with one another, a team is created. Teamwork achieves far more than the individual members’ efforts could attain by themselves. But, if those people disagree, they can create a big mess. They can turn simple processes into quagmires of complications. In May, even if you struggle to establish agreement in an area of life where there’s dispute, you can do it. If those contrasting opinions are heard and respected, you can find a way to reach consensus. Then you’ll be able to move mountains.

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April 21- May 21 

Why do you want what you say you want? And are you sure you really want it? Is there a chance you’re trying to persuade yourself to want something? If your heart is leading you in one direction and your head is pulling you in another, you’ll go round in circles! A little clarity can go a long way during the coming month. With lucky Jupiter entering your sign, you’ll be bursting with energy and determination. Just make sure you’re clear about your intentions. Set the right goals, because you might just achieve them.

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Oscar Cainer (pictured) says that with the Coronation Eclipse opposing rebellious Uranus, turbulence might be expected


May 22 – June 22

Since we start May with your ruler, Mercury, retrograde, you’re still reliving old dramas, recalling memories and re-evaluating past experiences. This is part of a process that’s leading you towards a turning point. The information that you’re assimilating will let you make a choice that’ll guide you to a different future. This is why you need to be informed by everything you’ve experienced so far. You don’t want your decision to be affected by past fears that are no longer relevant. You can move far beyond these in May.

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June 23 – July 23

Venus spends much of May in your sign, bringing all that you might expect from the planet of love and pleasure. Not only will it be much easier for you to tap into your creativity, you’ll be encouraged and supported by people around you. They’ll unconsciously pick up on your ‘vibe’ and respond with positivity. Venus boosts confidence too, so you’ll be able to enjoy the new invitations and social events that come your way. Prepare for a run of improvements that look set to continue until they become tangible facets of your world.

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July 24 – August 23

Take a deep breath. That’s what we advise people when they look stressed. Will you need to take lots of those in the month to come? Well, on a regular basis, it will be worth remembering to stop and breathe deeply. Not because you need to relax. But because you need to take moments to appreciate the magic and wonder of your world. No, May won’t be problem-free. Yet for all that’s troublesome and tricky, there’s much to be glad of and delighted by. Not only will you start seeing more reasons to be grateful, you’ll start creating them.

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August 24 – September 23

During the coming month, we’ll find you perfectly positioned to clear up a muddle, fix a mistake and sort out a misunderstanding. Which doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to be successful at dealing with every difficulty. Nor does it mean that you won’t sometimes need to take some responsibility for things going pear-shaped. But the important question isn’t, ‘Whose fault is this?’ It’s ‘Who’s going to take practical, positive steps to deal with it so everyone feels OK?’ And we already know the answer to that last question. That person is you!

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September 24 – October 23 

We all want to be successful. Yet success isn’t straightforward. We want it when we feel we haven’t got it. And the moment we’ve got it, we start finding fault with it! And failure, which we view as being its opposite, is less permanent than we think. No one wants to fall flat on their face. But if we do, we can pick ourselves up and bounce back. Before you start worrying, this month holds great potential. In order to maximise it you just need to take the pressure off. Remember, if you’re enjoying yourself, that’s success!

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 When Jupiter enters Taurus in mid-May, Oscar says, it’s a promise of adventure. Stock image used


October 24 – November 22

May looks like being an excellent month. Maybe not for everyone. But for Scorpios it looks good. Which isn’t to say you’re going to enjoy every moment. There can be a big difference between something that ‘feels good’ and something that ‘does you good’. Sometimes, things that feel good at first end up making us feel bad. And vice versa. You might even find yourself dealing with challenging experiences. But they’re bringing you to a decision that will generate a long-term sense of delight, freedom and inspiration.

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November 23 – December 21

‘If you judge people, you have no time to love them.’ This is a quote from the wise, wonderful Mother Teresa. We tend to spend much of our time making judgments. We do it so much that we don’t notice how much time, energy and positivity it takes. With Jupiter, your ruler, settling into a new celestial home in May, you need to invest your time, energy and positivity into the right things. You don’t want to waste this opportunity. Be guided by your compassionate heart. If you focus on the good you see, you’ll find it magnifies.

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December 22 – January 20

During the coming month, we find you in miracle-working mode. How many miracles can you work? Well, there’s one in particular that’s worth focusing on. Your heart’s set on something, yet you know it’s impossible. Don’t let your awareness of this reality stop you seeking an alternative way forwards. May brings an option that’s just as miraculous in its own way, yet much more easily attainable. If you stay open-minded, and allow yourself to be surprised, amazing things can happen.

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January 21 –  February 19

Resentment is a negative emotion. It erodes self-confidence, fuels excuses for poor behaviour, and destroys integrity. More importantly, resentful people don’t laugh much. So what are you hoping to do this month? And why? If you promise yourself you’ll act out of love and inspiration (rather than need or obligation) you’ll be free to experience the opportunities coming your way. If you reach for the very best, you’ll be liberated from anything that makes you feel bad. And free to feel joy.

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February 20 – March 20 

Although travel broadens the mind, we’re not obliged to head off to distant climes to make our minds broader. With your traditional ruler, Jupiter, settling into a new sign, this month takes you on a journey of discovery. But it doesn’t have to involve physically going anywhere. It’s more likely to be the realisation that you’re content where you are. Awareness of the good things in our day-to-day life brings a sweetness no journey ever provides. Being pleased to be you (and happy about where your life’s going) is the gift on offer.

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