Woman films boyfriend during his work shifts because she doesnt trust females

A woman claims her boyfriend "needs" to FaceTime her during his entire 12-hour shift at work so she knows other women aren't flirting with him.

In a TikTok video, user @flackoandnela shows her boyfriend working in a warehouse and packing boxes under her watchful eye.

She appears to be observing him via the phone camera while she is cooking at home and explains why in the on-screen text.

"My boyfriend needs to FaceTime me his whole 12-hour shift not because I don't trust him but because I don't trust females," she writes.

The clip was watched more than 6 million times on the video-sharing app and, unsurprisingly, many viewers found the behaviour quite extreme.

One user commented: "If you're insecure just say that."

"Girl no he's working give him space or he will get tired of it," said another person.

Another viewer said: "No, because this is so extensive if you cannot trust your man to handle women you got a problem."

Someone else said: "Yikes this is too much I feel bad for him if there's no trust in the relationship it ain't gonna work for you sis."

Making a dig about the energy the lad's phone must be using, another quipped: "You could probably cook an egg on his phone."

On the flip side, many people couldn't take the video seriously and believed it must be a joke, with one writing: "This account is obviously satire."

Another said: "Y'all funny she is obviously joking to make y'all mad."

In another video, she shows her boyfriend back at the warehouse as she FaceTimes him so she "knows he isn't flirting with girls".

The lass claims she feels "depressed" whenever her boyfriend is working and said she might give up her own job so she can apply to work at the same place as him.

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