Woman opens fake account to catch partner cheating and stages photo as revenge

A woman was branded a "revenge queen" when she shared what she did to catch her boyfriend "cheating".

Halle went to extreme lengths – setting up a fake Instagram account in order to find the woman – when she noticed "blonde hair" in her boyfriend's video while he was on a boat trip.

She said in her TikTok video: "I went through all his blonde followers, made a fake Instagram, got it to 200 followers, requested to follow her.

"I was able to match up the same boat they were on with a picture she posted two years prior."

Her attention to details was compared to FBI investigative skills by the viewers and some even asked for a tutorial.

"I would not have the patience to do the first part, but I respect your skills," one said while a second added: "That's dedication. I just say 'hey I saw hair, I'm moving on'."

A third wrote: "FBI need to offer you a job!"

To some wondering how Halle can get 200 followers on a fake Instagram account, she gave tips: "I found a 'callherdaddy' forum on Reddit.

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"People also use fake account so you just have to follow each other's fake account, then you go to their followers and follow them. Because most of them are fake accounts too so they will help you out."

Halle said she also went above and beyond to make an effort to get back at her now ex-boyfriend, even if it requires Photoshop skills.

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"I staged and edited a mirror selfie with a guy, added it to a shared album we had together, left it there long enough for him to get a notification that a new photo had been added," she continued.

"Then deleted it, and waited for his text that came five minutes later."

Viewers called her the ultimate "revenge queen" for the efforts she put in to catch a "cheater".

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