Women reveal all about the heartbreaking reality of becoming pregnant by their rapist

RAPE victims have opened up about the heartbreaking reality of becoming pregnant with their abuser's child.

The powerful confessions were all made on app Whisper, where people share stories anonymously, and many of the alleged victims revealed they were just teenagers when the attacks occurred.

Some of the women, the youngest of whom was just 13, said they opted to have abortions after realising they were carrying their rapist's baby.

Others claim to have gone through with the pregnancy – but now struggle with seeing the resemblance between their children and their abusers.

And then there were those who said their child was the best thing that had ever happened to them – despite the awful way they came to be pregnant.

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This victim was delighted to discover that her pregnancy had ended naturallyCredit: Whisper
While this woman, who clearly knows her attacker, is still scared that he will hurt herCredit: Whisper
And one victim was scared of telling her unborn child about their fatherCredit: Whisper

Some of the revelations were horribly sad. One woman wrote: "I just found out I'm pregnant with my rapist.

"I'm afraid that he will do something to hurt me. It's too much to handle."

Another added: "I was raped when I was 17, I got pregnant. My son looks like my rapist and it frightens me."

A third lady shared: "I was gang raped in July and I'm pregnant. I decided to keep the baby but I am afraid of telling them who the father is and what happened."

Another woman shared her heartbreaking dilemma. She wrote: "I'm pregnant by my rapist. My fiance doesn't believe in abortion and is willing to take responsibility.

"I cannot and will not carry a rapist's child. Abortion it is."

While one admitted she instantly regretted her decision to abort the child.

She wrote: "I was raped and got pregnant. I got an abortion a couple of weeks ago… Everyday I regret it. I just wish he wouldn't of talked me into it."

Another lady claimed: "I was raped, and got pregnant. I'm going to abort the fetus.

"What happened was so traumatising but I can't tell my friends about it because they're viciously pro-life. I'm silently going insane."

This woman said she decided the only solution was to put her daughter up for adoption – because she didn't blame the child, but also couldn't live with seeing her every day.

She shared: "My rapist got me pregnant. I had his baby and I decided to put her up for adoption.

"I knew it wasn't her fault and she was as much a victim as I was. I wanted her to live an amazing life. No regrets."

However, not all the revelations were sad.

One brave woman shared: "When I was 15 I was a victim of rape and became pregnant.

"Today my beautiful daughter is 6, I'm engaged to the love of my life and baby number 2 is on its way. You didn't ruin me."

Another sexual abuse survivor wrote: "When my rapist got me pregnant, almost everyone I knew immediately said 'abortion' like there was no other option.

"I kept her and I'm raising her, and she is the BEST thing to ever happen to me."

While another wrote: "I had a miscarriage after getting pregnant from my rapist, my family know but have never talked to me about it.

"I was damaged by the rape but no one gets it was the miscarriage that broke me."

Whisper is an anonymous posting site, and the posts cannot be verified.

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