Worlds unluckiest bloke gets back from shops to find sofa has crushed his car

An unlucky bloke who left his car parked in a bay on the street returned to it to find a sofa had fallen on it and crushed it.

Herbert Xia was running errands in the Ultimo district of Sydney, Australia, when he discovered his Toyota Yaris had cushioned the falling couch.

Police are investigating and haven’t ruled out that the sofa could have made the trip to the ground during an act of madness at a party.

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It then ploughed through a tree as it made its way to nestle in the car’s roof.

Speaking to 9news he said: “It’s just bizarre, if I was trying to put a ticket onto my car at that moment I could end up at hospital.

“I have no words for this incident, feel very lucky.”

The car appears to be utterly devastated by the blow, with images of the scene showing the upturned sofa having crushed the car’s roof and windscreen, one side completely hidden from the camera as it is lodged inside the car.

Herbert is understood to have left his motor on Jones Street in Ultimo at 7.30pm on Thursday.

Gary Coffey, the region’s police chief inspector, said: “The couch was thrown from a significant height, it happened as people were coming home from work.”

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The unusual event is one of the more surprising things drivers expect when returning to their parked car, but perhaps not the most sickening.

In August of this year, a woman in Ireland who hired a rental car noticed a strange smell coming from the boot.

She opened it up to discover a human body decomposing in the boot – a 40-year-old man thought to have been the vehicle’s previous renter who had been reported missing two weeks beforehand.

A source close to the woman said: “While she was driving she noticed a funny smell, she didn’t know what it was, though it smelled like gas and thought it might be coming from the car engine when she started the car.

“But it didn’t go away and so she stopped the car when she got to Mullinavat and that's where she made the shocking discovery, there was the body of a dead man in the boot.”

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